Bolero for girls - simple and very effective!

Every mother wants her daughter looked irresistible.The love of a child is seen in the care of every moment of his life, and his clothes just is an important aspect, forming the little princess understanding of beauty.In addition, little ladies are very finicky, and the selection of clothing for parents turns into a real meal - girl wants to look good and not be similar to peers, and the choice of models in the shops is limited.In this case, pay attention to the kinds of clothes that you can easily make yourself - then the question of individuality is exactly solved.In addition the process of creating a simple dress is creative, it is possible to involve the child and that expand its horizons and learn a lot, needed in the future.

offer to please little fashionistas, tying bolero for girls - so-called short zhaketik devoid of fasteners.Bolero for girls will be the perfect addition to a beautiful dress.In that case, if the child is a kind of creative - and dances on the stage, a bolero for girls associ

ated mom will provide additional service to the little actress, giving scenic image of individuality, elegance and refinement.In this scenario, the performance is sure to be the daughter of noted the highest estimates, and the child will get a well-deserved praise.Openwork bolero for girls is a great gift that will not leave indifferent any little princess.

Thus, the instruction how to tie bolero for girls:

  1. First, you need to remove the girl measurements needed to create a pattern.Measure the chest, and also specifies the length of the product, which is multiplied by 2.
  2. On paper below delayed segment whose length is equal to half the circumference of the chest, and then added at each end of 14cm (in the sleeve).As a result, the width of the bolero to get girls.
  3. perpendicular width on each side laid segments of equal length back from shoulder to hip line (or length of the product, multiplied by 2), then added more 10cm.(for the lapel).
  4. of yarns is performed sample size 10 x 10 cm. It needs to perform any pattern or a rubber band, the number of loops must be even.According to the pattern calculated by the number of loops for the length of the bolero and the number of rows to the width.It uses a pattern swatch.
  5. the spokes recruited the required number of loops.Knitting is performed, starting and ending with the series edge loop.This loop will serve as a seam allowance in the future.Crochet first 8cm and 12cm past the cloth used needles №4.The rest of the knitting needles made №3 or 3.5.
  6. In the case of Bolero for girls, it was decided to knit elastic band 2 * 2, the first row should be knit as follows: 1 front, 2 * backstitches, 2 facial, then repeat from *, ending - 1 front loop.
  7. For the second series, and all odd: 1 Wrong, knitting facial loops - facial, backstitches - Wrong, ending row - 1 Wrong loop.
  8. last number you need to knit a little weaker.This is to ensure that even in the case of tight closing hinges remained several opportunities to stretch the edge.
  9. loops are closed, but not shrink.The result should be a rectangle, which in turn should not pucker.Related items need to pin on the pattern and lightly steam the iron.
  10. cloth is rolled in the middle of length, and its sides are stitched.The seam should start from the bottom of the product to leave slits for hands.
  11. One of the halves of the product turns up - the so-formed collar.Collar primetnut to need a little back.
  12. To perform finishing Bolero for girls, it is necessary to fix the thread from the wrong side and tie the edge of the pattern with the help of the hook.Starting from the second row should be gradually add the number nakida and columns, then the edge will be more lush.
  13. More sewn cloth can not tie the spokes.In this case, you can use any pattern, which seemed delicious.After piping is completed, bolero sewn, do not forget to leave openings for the hands.