Vests for men

Fashion considered the domain of women.Beautiful shoes, ribbons, dresses, skirts, accessories, bags - something from which every woman gets excited.Men only indulgent smile at the sight of the shining eyes woman thrown to the next trendy little thing.

men are allowed to follow the fashion, if it is the legislator, ie the designer or fashion designer.Those men who closely follow the fashion, society christened metrosexuals.

However, any woman feels that a man should be dressed expensively and tastefully.Here is manifested a paradox.Of course, the sense of taste has to be developed, regardless of gender.This also applies to art and food, and fashion as well.

Business suit is considered an attribute of any respectable man.An important role in the formation of the image of men playing men's vests.

Vests men again at the peak of popularity.All the leading fashion houses and fashion designers have added them to their collections, as an integral part of the male wardrobe.

Vests men passed a long way of

development, before acquired a modern look.Initially, they had long sleeves and floors, serving mainly the lower part of everyday suit any gentleman.After a hundred years vests Men's finally lost its "excess" length, acquiring a modern look.However, with the loss of the very length of it, and lost its former functionality is becoming more decoration.Then they began to sew from expensive fabrics, finishing the fabric with embroidery and buttons made of precious stones.

Men's vest is quite difficult by design, because this article of clothing will certainly have to sit perfectly on the man.Otherwise, he is able to spoil the look: excess folds inflated silhouette, buttons that are not fastened.

designers and couturiers elevated to the rank of the trend of business men's suit.However, they withdrew from the classics, giving the suit a certain modernity, which nevertheless does not deprive him of elegance.The suit has evolved from a formal office clothes in the modern fashionable items of clothing, must have any stylish men.Designers continue to insist that the business suit is to be with broad shoulders, narrow waist and straight leg.The apparent trend is men's suits with vests, the so-called Troika.More about a year ago, such suits were buried in the bins changing room, but returned this season the classic men's vest as a stylish business suit element.It should be tailored in a classic style and cover the waistband of his trousers.The waist it must be sufficiently narrow, however, must not hamper the freedom of movement.Undoubtedly trousers and jacket must be sewn from the same material.

However, outside the suit jacket - this is not a classic element of the wardrobe.These fashion brands like Burberry and Dsquared showed to the world insulated options vest with fur trim and leather inserts, and Prada sure vest and looks quite stylish on the bare male body.This season shows an abundance of jackets: the hollow, and knitted and quilted, leather and various colors.Vests for men as well as phony and leather vest - is perhaps not the most elegant items of clothing, but in combination with a variety of styles things turn into a very charming element of the image.

Vest - extraordinary range of creative personalities, which makes it a central element of the image.

This is undoubtedly an element of functional and stylish clothes, give the image of solidity in combination with a classic costume, sexy when he wore on his naked body, or in a combination of originality with an unusual finish.Man can choose your favorite model and boldly experiment with clothes, leaving a courageous and at the same time fashionable.