Scarf spoke: warm, stylish, true

Warm, elegant, beautiful, charming, exclusive, original, trendy - this can be an ordinary scarf.

What is today is the accessory, the history of which goes back to ancient times, and who, having gone through centuries, has not lost its relevance, but on the contrary, has never become popular and in demand?

Ancient Rome remembers fashionistas among noble patritsianok worn thin long strips of linen as a decoration on their waists.Scarf knitting noble Roman, of course, not knitted, and used to decorate themselves fabric scarves.But often, to make a scarf, used the services of skilled workers, who could paint the fabric and embroider them outlandish designs.Even then he played the role of a scarf accessory, emphasizing the social status of its owner, because among the plebeians had been taken to adorn themselves with such clothing.It was a privilege of wealthy ladies.

scarf came into our lives, and its value has not become less important, and the use of spectrum confirmed the right scarf for such a lon

g life.It is currently scarf worn not only for protection from the cold and heat insulation in the cold season, but with the spring clothes, with dresses and suits, with blouses and even tops.

Modern scarf is not only English knitted elastic monochrome jersey boring bars.This bright fashion accessories of various shapes and sizes, different styles and finishes, in different colors and textures tied various knots or seductively flowing through the charming feminine curves.

Scarves are divided into male and female, but men's scarves play a functional role (and only occasionally to create a particular style or way), but the female ...

scarf as a woman can be one piece that will give him the completeness,certainty.He can play an important role in the image that the lady has chosen for himself, he can become one highlight which together give the charm and originality.

If you can knit a scarf or crocheted, consider that in your hands the ability to adorn themselves with exclusive accessories as for hand-knit scarf, you can choose different colors of yarn, mohair and angora, linen, wool, cotton and thread down.Applying a bit of effort, including imagination, you can turn the needles knitting scarves in high art, after all handmade products are always valued very highly.Learning new techniques of knitting, you will surely not only to gain experience and knowledge in this area and will have the status of needlewoman, but it will be for a designer and a fashion designer.

masterfully wielding techniques crafts, you will be able to tie a scarf, not only spoke, but all possible modifications.And they include a scarf, shawl and scarf, stoles, shawls, scarf and scarf-shawl.Whichever of the above items are not left out of your skillful pen, you are in it are unique and adorable: because no one (!) Will not be able to put on the exact same outfit, but not this is the aim of any design development?

knitted scarf with graceful spokes can easily learn how to tie it, because for this there are many proven methods and ideas!

scarf can be tied in different types of units: simple, European, single, double, Paris, etc.The scarf can be associated with tassels or fringe decorated, it can be wide or narrow, with long, sharp angles and pulled in length, worn, complete with hat and be totally self-sufficient product.

short, choices of materials, textures, ways binding, styles, tying scarves infinite.Important in this science - to have a sense of proportion and style, adhere to fashion trends and take into account personal preferences, wear a scarf in the relevant combined with other clothes, and be creative.Suddenly you succeed so connected or tie a scarf like no one before you has ever done this?Why not?After all, only going the road will be mastered.Good luck with the little discoveries, seemed to have studied the length and breadth of the field of life scarves.