The child sleeps with his eyes half-open.

Many parents are faced with such a phenomenon, when their baby is falling asleep, do not close the eyelids.The children can roll their eyes or leave them ajar, much to the horror and panic of their mothers and fathers.But why sleep with their eyes open, our daughters and sons, and whether relatives of worrying so much about this?Which diseases may indicate half-open eyes of the child during sleep?All this will be discussed below.

Features children's nap

Toddler Son consists of two phases - fast and deep (or slow).During the second period sleeping baby completely relaxed, his breathing becomes smooth, the nervous system relaxes.To plunge into a deep sleep, boy or girl must pass through a phase of surface nap when the brain is not yet asleep.At this point, the child may say something, twitching, and then it is often the children parted eye.

phase of sleep in children of the first months of life are alternated frequently.After all, is in a deep slumber, a pipsqueak can not cry if froze, damped pants

or had a sore tummy.

features of sleep in children up to six years

Many parents are concerned about the question: why their year-old child sleeping with half-open eyes?As doctors say, is a normal physiological phenomenon, which even has its own name - "lagophthalmos."This state is not a sleep disorder.And it is not only a pipsqueak sleeping with half-open lids, and sometimes cries, twitching legs and arms.Usually in children after six years it passes, so parted eye during sleep - a phenomenon that will soon also be terminated.

After two years of such a demonstration can be irregular, basically it can be observed due to overstimulation of the baby.Brain cells crumbs overworked, resulting in possible incomplete closure of the eyelids.

If lagophthalmos persists after 2 years, whereas need help ophthalmologist, who will prescribe the appropriate treatment, and may even have to carry out operations on the organs of vision.


Another reason why sleep with their eyes open, our offspring, the so-called somnambulism.This disease, popularly known as sleepwalking - a condition in which a person during sleep can make unconscious actions.Temporary threshold of onset of the disease is considered to be the age of the child at age six.Somnambulism condition can range in duration from a few minutes to 1 hour, and in some cases even longer.The children suffering from this disease, very often go to sleep with your eyes open, make strange actions (for example, hide or rearrange things).And in the morning, waking up, they do not remember anything.

Dangers somnambulism

main threat of this disease for children - it is an opportunity to injure yourself.As a child sleeps with his eyes half-open, but unconsciously gets out of bed and starts to move, then soon it may fall or hit on any piece of furniture, cut or hurt.There were even sad occasions when kids in this state fell from stairs, windows, beds.Therefore, parents should not let this problem to chance, because it affects not only health, but also the lives of their offspring.

Treatment somnambulism

If a parent asked for help to a specialist about the fact that his child is sleeping with half-open eyes, walks in the night unconsciously, before the diagnosis "somnambulism" and assign the appropriate treatment, the doctor wondered whetherin the life of the baby any negative incident, he suffered from some disease and how often.If the mother really remember about some negative episodes that could affect the well-being is the crumbs, then the doctor prescribes treatment.Often, patients with this diagnosis the doctor recommends undergo EEG and Doppler blood vessels of the brain.In addition, be sure to give direction to the specialist examination by an ophthalmologist, who will conduct inspection of the bottom of the eyeball child.

somnabulizm Treatment involves the following activities.

  1. Bedtime parents need to lightly massage your son or daughter with vegetable oil (olive, almond and so on. N.).You can also add essential oils, which have a calming effect (mint, lavender and so on. D.).
  2. If your child to stressed, then you need to give it a plant collection.Boil lemon balm, valerian, Leonurus, mint and give drink her son or daughter during the day.
  3. Above the bed can be a story of grass offspring in a pouch.
  4. Parents should pay attention to how much sleep a child.After all, if their child is not enough rest, it can also affect the development of somnambulism.
  5. If necessary, the doctor may prescribe sedatives and sleeping medications that control the facts of sleepwalking.For example, it may be drugs, "Ask", "Klonopin," "Trazodone."
  6. If the case is hard, boy or girl tranquilizers are appointed.

Which doctors treat?

If parents worried about their sleeping baby or child is older, they experience anxiety about the fact that their offspring asleep or half-open eyelids open, they should seek help from such doctors:

  • pediatrician;
  • optometrist;
  • neurologist;
  • neuropsychiatrist.

Initially, of course, should go for consultation to the pediatrician and talk about their fears.If the pediatrician suspects able to baby something bad, he may issue a referral to visit a neurologist and ophthalmologist.These professionals should dispel all doubts and fears of parents and answer their key question: why sleep with their eyes ajar kids.If a boy or girl experienced some fear, the shock, the doctor also may send a mother with a baby on consultation and possible further treatment to a neuropsychiatrist.

The normal night's rest

how much sleep a child depends on his general condition.So, below are norms of children's daily rest by age:

  • from 1 to 4 months - 18 hours;
  • from 4 to 6 months - 16 hours;
  • from six months up to 9 months - 15 hours;
  • from 10 months to 1 year - 13 hours;
  • from 1 to 2 years - 12 o'clock at night and 2 times during the day for 2 hours;
  • 2 to 3 years - 11 hours at night, and 1-2 times during the day for 2-3 hours;
  • from 3 to 7 years - 10 hours and in the afternoon for about 2 hours.

After 7 years, the child is not necessarily to nap during the day, and at night the child should rest 8-9 hours.

reading this article, parents breathe a sigh of relief, and certainly will not be worrying about the fact that their child sleeps with his eyes half-open.But if after two years a state of crumbs does not pass, it's a cause for concern.In this case, Mom and Dad have to show your child pediatrician and eliminate diseases such as lagophthalmos or somnambulism.If the doctor put some of these diagnoses, the parents should do everything they can to have their child get rid of this disease and continued to live a quiet and happy life.