In how many children begin to roll on the back

appearance of a baby into the world - it is a great wonder, joy and happiness for his parents.Even if this is not the first child in the family, the birth of crumbs - it is always a big celebration.But for the most baby at this moment begins a difficult stage of life - the knowledge of such a large and unfamiliar world.From skill to skill, and it is developing more and more in control of his movements.

young parents waiting for a child learn a lot of literature to know how their baby is developing at every stage of prenatal existence and after its birth.Every mom wondering how many children are beginning to roll over, hold head, sit and agukat.And how much joy and pride parents feel when their pipsqueak developing new movements and begins to babble!

So how many children begin to roll back and tummy?At the age of about three months, the baby tries to roll over, but often he goes to make a revolution in only one direction because his muscles are not yet sufficiently developed to comply with its left

and right.But the crumbs of the spine to grow and develop symmetrically, so parents need to help your child learn the stage of turning into one or the other way.Put the exact date and age, how many children begin to roll, you can not, all depends on the child.Someone surely perform these movements up to 5 months, and someone - only 6 months.All parents have to do is to provide your child the correct mode, reinforcing the gym, walking and sunbathing.It should be noted that the upheavals at the kid working the same muscles as when crawling, so it's important to help the child and develop these groups.When the baby strengthened muscular corset, it will begin to attempt to sit up and crawl.

Sometimes it happens that a child does skips turning and immediately tries to take a vertical position.The question of how many children begin to sit, too, does not have a definite answer, because all the kids are developing individual features, someone quickly strengthened muscular corset bone, and others vice versa.It is not necessary in this respect to argue with nature and the seat cushion of the child in early childhood, it does not help him to master this task, and vice versa, can be quite harmful to the soft bones of the spine.The best period for the independent seat pediatricians consider six months.

also individual development of each child affects the ability to issue different sounds.Therefore it is impossible to make an accurate term, how many children begin agukat.Typically, babies begin gulit to two months, but a cherished first word "mama" the child says is closer to 9 months.

Undoubtedly, each stage and the new learned skill - it is a very important event in the life of the crumbs and his parents.Questions about how many children are beginning to roll over, sit or agukat and anxiety about a particular skill, which has not yet mastered the baby is quite understandable, but do not need to rush out and demand that the child of what he is not yet ready.It's how nature works, and everything comes in its time, and it is for each his own.