When you change the color of the eyes of a newborn and why

With the advent of the child's birth, many are wondering about whom the baby looks like.All peer in features kid, trying to catch it similarity to someone.Most of the newly-parents do not know when to change the color of the eyes of a newborn and what it involves.It is necessary to take into account the fact that the child does not look quite as many imagined before.It will take some time to get the baby used to the environment and began to look familiar.

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have newly born baby's head may be irregularly shaped, elongated body and bulging tummy.It happens that babies swells the chest, and out of the liquid is released.Similar processes are quite normal for both girls and boys.But after a few days of birth, everything comes back to normal.Even the nose at first may be a little turned-up, and after a while it gets its permanent shape.But most people are interested in the question of when changing the color of the eyes of a newborn.Why is this happening?The structure and the structure o

f organs of a newborn as adults.It's kind of the camera, which includes the optic nerve.They serve as conduits for information in those parts of the human brain that perceive and analyze what he sees.Eye itself divided into "lens" (the cornea and lens), and "film" (the retina).While the kids have the same organs of sight, as in adults, but first they have seen are not very good.When the child grows, and it improves the process of perception.At year-old baby's visual acuity reaches half the rate of an adult.In the first week of life the child should only react to the light.On the second - to fix your gaze at some object for a few seconds.In the second month of such a reaction should be more stable.In six months, the baby can already distinguish simple shapes, and in a year - to recognize certain patterns.

When changing the color of the eyes of a newborn

Eye color in newborns varies at different times.This process is directly linked to the production of melanin.It is a pigment of the iris of eye.If we carefully look at the color of the eyes of infants, it may be noted that most of them blue.Only two or three years they get their final color.This is the time when there is melanin.For this reason, bright eyes can turn into green, gray or even brown.The darker the color, the more accumulated this pigment.This process is directly linked to heredity.Studies show that the brown-eyed people in the world much more than light-eyed.This is due to the dominance of genetic traits.Therefore, if someone from the brown-eyed parents, when changing the color of the eyes of a newborn, it is most often hazel.

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People who have light-colored eyes are subject to frequent change of their color.This may depend on the brightness, clothes and their environment.Even a stressful situation or illness can affect their color.Now we know that changing the color of the eyes of a newborn.For some, this point is very important, but for someone does not play any role.In fact, the main thing that the baby grow up healthy!