Tongue twisters for diction of children

Many parents are faced with such a problem, as the underdevelopment of diction in children.There are several effective ways to remedy the situation.To do this, you need every day to carry out mini-exercises, which will be present for the development of tongue twisters diction.

little about tactics

Who has not faced a moody and brood categorical statement "I do not want!".Here begins the real test to get up to mischief nerves parents.This whole thing - not just to get the child to talk, and repeated tongue twisters for the development of diction.And here we need a lot of patience and perseverance.The child, especially a small, better and more quickly learns all the material if to hold classes in the form of games.It is best to take baby's favorite toys and tell them to vote.At the same time use the simplest tongue twisters for the development of diction.For example, "I missed the raven crow."Encourage your child to repeat the expression, but it is not satisfied with this lesson.Practice shows that

encourage your child to do something - he did not just lose interest, but becomes persistent hostility to the occupation.Come up with an interesting game, show your baby pictures.With toys that look like heroes tongue twisters, you will be able to perfectly imitate little dialogue.Do not try to talk too fast.The child should clearly hear and understand the meaning of what was said.If he does not understand, it is necessary to explain this or that word, repeating several times.

second way

Then you can apply over the long tongue twisters for the development of diction.This is the famous "Greek across the river" and "Otters in the spats" and "Sasha was walking down the highway."The variations are many.You can train yourself at your leisure (which does not hurt).By the way, many children imitate their parents just in the manner of pronunciation.Because if repeated in the presence of a child for the patter of diction, he quickly learned to speak all the difficult words and letters clearly and loudly.Do not forget to praise him for every achievement and support during failures.If inaccurate pronunciation patters to improve diction should be easy to correct the child, but so that he could hear and understand where erred.

Further reading

You must be reserved not only patters.It's best to buy additional books that will help you find new ways of studying the issue.Tongue twisters for the development of diction, of course, useful, but to any question must be approached comprehensively.So, one of the best authors - Nadezhda Zhukova - offers many solutions to this problem.This book is very useful and interesting not only for parents but also for children who will soon be studying or have already read on the sly.From the same series and you'll find an excellent Primer and Guide Training account right speech, logic, and many other excellent books that will allow your child to develop fully and effortlessly.