How to feed the infant.

question of how to feed the baby, is the basis of nutrition crumbs, communication and communication with the mother as well as his physical and mental health.Therefore, a woman should take into account such factors as the true organized attachment, your emotional state, and much more.

How to feed the infant.Applying

should take into account the general recommendations.

  1. Invest nipple should be wide open mouth to the baby grasped the areola.
  2. need to do it quickly to a pipsqueak did not have time to close the lips.
  3. Listen to your child and do not make hasty conclusions about what he does not want to eat.Sometimes it is possible to offer the chest several times.
  4. full feeding baby breast impossible to correct it without sucking.And if he starts to crawl and bite the nipple, insert a finger into the corner of baby's mouth and gently pick up the chest, and then he took to it right.
  5. not delay the skin in place with your finger to touch her nose.The unique structure allows the baby to breathe in this
    position, so do not be afraid that he would suffocate.Turning to the mother's nose, pipsqueak feels that he is "on the ground" and gets milk in her mouth without obstacles.
  6. women with problem nipples should be more patient and persistent, the baby learned to take my mother's breasts.Also, it is not necessary to give the baby bottle nipples and not to interfere with feeding.

How to feed the infant.The emotional state of the mother

In today's world it is no secret that water has the unique ability to respond to stimuli from the outside.On this occasion, many studies that prove the change in the structure of water and its effects in the case of charging a positive or negative energy.This factor must be taken into account during breastfeeding.After the milk is almost 90% water.So, wondering how to feed the baby, and going to make it to his chest, you need to calm down, if you had previously been negatively excited, get rid of all kinds of "evil thoughts."It is best if the baby breast-feeding will take place in the privacy of that mother could focus on his love for the child and communicate with him.Also this favor fresh air, exposure to nature, quiet classical music, no TV, and other irritants.If these recommendations will be taken into account as much as possible, then you will create a solid foundation for a trusting relationship with your child in the future, to ensure the development of emotional stability and self-identity, and present to the full, tasty and healthy food crumbs.

How long should I breastfeed?

this question every woman must answer yourself.Up to 6 months the baby is fully enough mother's milk, and then you can introduce solid foods.Some of the many reasons already in this age stop feeding.Most give up, the chest, and the unit - up to two or three.However, science has proved that the constant stimulation of lactation can be preserved almost all his life.