What do you call a cat a fun and original way

Very often people give birth to house cats, because they do not require walking the outside, tender and quite simple in use.Our cats are in the lead among the pets.Today, they are in almost every home.Thus, the kitten has moved to live permanently in the apartment to the owners.They are very excited about this event, but there is immediately the first problem: how to name the cat to his nickname was the original and most importantly - it came to taste.

accustom kitten named to the complex is almost impossible, so that all long nicknames remain only on paper, but in real life it becomes tender Chusei Tutankhamun.If the animal comes from titled parents, and was purchased in the nursery, then it will be a name assigned to it by the first letter of the litter in which he was born.Usually, such nicknames are very long and intricate.The owners cat who will participate in various exhibitions and competitions, have to teach him that name at least so that he understood that with this combination of sounds appe

al to him.It can not be avoided, because in all the documents will be written the full name of the kitten and that it will be stated on all the events.

This does not mean that before the hosts is no longer a question: how to name the cat because for everyday communication with him, and his upbringing have to come up with a short name.For example, Richard homes could be gentle Ricci and Xanthippe - Xenia.

Today many are moving away from the usual type of nicknames cat Murka, Vaska Tishka or in favor of the original version, as the iris, zephyr, Ditta, Daphne, Mount Athos, Archie, and many others.For many pet name is a kind of indicator of their imagination, fantasy, because the cat can be called absolutely any word.For example, among the cat nicknames found Compote, Algeria, Boss, East, Siegfried, Bambi, Velvet and many others.The list is endless, since it is limited only by imagination of the host animal.

learn how to call a cat, you know, if you look more closely to the animal.Some pets are lazy and sloppy at birth and may well become Baiyun, splyun, awnings or baron.Funny and nimble kittens fit nicknames Shustrik breeze, Fidget, Igrunov, Bully.Outside pet can also be a reason for the nickname, for example, Pukhlikov, Ushastik, Fluffy, Ginger, Gingerbread, Tigrusha.

Domestic cat name should not be longer than three syllables, because only a short nickname, you can say with the right intonation, depending on the situation, which is one of the highlights of training pet.For information on how to call a cat, you can decide pronouncing various words in his address.It is believed that the name, to which he responds, and he should give.It is to him the cat will get used and will be happy to respond to it.

Today is a very popular funny nicknames.Because cool cat called then pick out some way to other owners and furry friends clawed.In the course are the names of your favorite beverages such as whiskey, Sambuca, Tequila or resting places in Vilnius, Sicily, Libya, the Urals, as well as all sorts of words such as sprat, sneakers, short-legged, Biscuit, Bentley.Fashionably also be called in honor of world currencies: EUREKA, Bucks, Baksika, Ruble, Cent.

actually not so important to call the cat is much more important to love him, to educate, to give him time and attentive to your pet.It is proved that cats are able to get used to absolutely any name.The main thing is to teach them to distinguish his nickname from the other words and to respond to it.Choosing a name, it is better to stick to the options without censorship, as in the case of missing pet, shouting expletives on the street could embarrass not only the owner, but of all the people around them.