What do you call a kitten boy?

Most children want to be living in the house, warm creature that would become their friend and companion in the daily games.Most often, the object of desire becomes a kitten, and sometimes even bring their own kids to the house of street animals.The situation is not simple, but parents should decide what to call the kitten boy or girl, and then bring it to the "divine" form.It's hard to give advice in such a situation, but it is easier to create conditions for the maintenance of the new member of the family than cause psychological trauma to his kind-hearted daze, throwing in the pouring rain and the hungry poor creature.

Of course, it is better not to bring the situation to the ultimatums and voluntarily purchase furry friend to your child, and then to determine the most appropriate breed and sex of the animal can be a family council to approve.And the origin of the future of pet is best to learn from its owners, and then decide what to call the kitten boy will be much more pleasant.Oddly enough, it

was male animals are preferred by most families with children is not so much wanting to mess with the future of feline offspring, which will bring the cat.

What would you say there is not an animal in the house not only creates confusion and is a source of various infectious diseases for children and adults.With proper maintenance and timely medical prevention, the cat does not become a threat to human health.But surely a child learns responsibility and attention to the living creature that is so depends on it.Regardless of age, children should be taught to care for your pet, you should not limit its participation in the life of a cat with only one item: how to name the boy kitten.We need to trust your child and he will certainly be able to meet the expectations of adults would be happy to feed and to walk the ward.

If purchasing furry friend "was the edge" and have no desire to be the happy owner of a street vagrant, it's time to choose.It is possible for "penny" to buy a kitten with friends - especially in spring selection is wide enough kittens.There is an option, and more serious, respectable parents for the sake of their ambitions aspire not just to give a cat a child, they make a financial investment in the purchase of a purebred animal.In this case, it is important not to lose a choice, some breeds of cats are too aggressive, which is not very suitable for children.Of course, you need a very responsible approach, because coming into the house, the animal becomes a full member of the family for many years.Bes question is important and how to name the kitten boy, nicknamed the animal should be pleasant to the ear and positively perceived by all people living in the house.

Many young couples like all sorts of humorous nicknames, and they are often on the lookout for unusual and funny nicknames for animals.Today is not uncommon information on how to name the boy kitten fun and live with some tailed ridiculous names: Chicken, Cake, Peach, Apricot, Busia, Basia, Fenya Bonus or Hedgehog.Sometimes nicknames animals born on the basis of their behavior: flycatcher, Backscratcher, Zhirik.Interesting nicknames such as: Mickey, Max, Tom Barsik.

quite another thing "aristocrats".If the owner of a cat titled parents, then their names often are selected according to the status.You can call the kitten boy, if he, for example, "Briton": Archibald, Askold or Andy.Though of course, the name is not important.Home love and care for the kitten from the tame his people.Despite the common misconception about the loyalty of dogs, the cat gives to their hosts no less attention and devotion, that's just nature cat tends to walk alone, and friends to no one suggests.