What do you call a girl kitty?

very happy when in the house there is an animal, because it brings so much joy gives heat, resentment and pain, and comes to comfort, allows you to monitor yourself, enjoy the first successes.The animal - a member of the family, so it is important to treat it with understanding and respect, aware that a small defenseless creature can trust and rely on you - its owners.

It is very important to choose the right animal nickname.If you have a female cat, it is necessary not only to prepare him a special place, bowls for food and water, a toilet and sand for him, various toys and Scratchy, but also to find a good name.

This is an important moment, because before deciding what to call the kitten girl, you need to focus on is what breed your pet, and what version it is more appropriate nicknames.

If you bought a cat with good pedigree, the passport should be spelled out the name of the animal.If the name is more suitable for some African resident and difficult to pronounce, it is still better to Rename a

kitten, but it is desirable that the new name began with the same letter as the original.Agree that the tribal Briton and the Sphinx are unlikely to fit such nicknames as: Barsik, Vasya, Senya, Murzik, Murchik, Myaushka, Sema, Masik, and other "original" names.Rather, they will approach a "royal" nicknames Taffy, Noli, Sherry, Fries, Yuzhana, Cleopatra, and others.

Remember that if you are wondering what to call the kitten girl, you should not dwell on the human name, because someone can not understand.Of course, up to you, but the cat Alina or Vasilisa will look somewhat ridiculous.You can somehow change, for example, or call Alan Wallis.It is also important that the name by which you call the kitten was legkoproiznosimym, and anyone could easily turn to the animal.

If you got into the hands of very ordinary cat, for example, the child is brought from the street or neighbors offered the baby, you can call the kitten girl fun, but always affectionately.Suit nicknames such as Busia, Buzzing, Masha, Visa, pug, Sonka, Sherry, yippie, Tsap, beads, Byanka.

important to ask children what name they have given to your pet, how to name the kitten girl they would like most.After all, in fact, the baby you buy for your child to learn responsibility, dedication, commitment.To a child not only plays with a kitten, and fed him, changed the time vodichku, combed and cared.That's your baby will spend a lot of time with the animals, and he called it more often than you, so it is important that moniker easy to "fly from the mouth", the baby did not think.Also the nickname should be sweet and pleasant.

to decide how you can call the kitten girl, you can buy special literature for the care of the cats, which is sure to be given a list of a variety of names in alphabetical order.Besides, in this literature can learn a lot of useful information on how to care for a kitten, how to bathe, trim claws, combing hair and detect disease.When deciding what to call the kitten girl, you can even make a joke contest with the child, for example, the number say the letter and number of nicknames that will carry your pet.Of course, not the fact that you are staying on the first name dropped out, but so much fun your child will bring a lot of positive emotions and fun.

Maybe even after an hour of this game you suddenly stop at some interesting names for your pet.

Summarizing, we can say that you can not follow all the recommendations set out and call the kitten as you want it, and right now, because you put in the name of love and tenderness.What more could you want an animal, other than that, even if it is a sphinx and his name Simeon?