Poultry at home - you need to know

Many owners of gardens and private homes learn domestic poultry not only for the personal consumption of eggs and meat, but also for profit.The technology involves poultry breeding poultry egg production or meat breeds.For eggs often bred chickens.They, except for broiler breeds, are more intensive egg production than ducks, geese, guinea fowl and turkeys are grown primarily for their meat.For dietary products made to breed quails.Much less than other birds used for breeding peacocks, pheasants and ostriches.

Hens egg-laying breeds are starting to trot around the age of 5 months.Under optimal conditions of detention, in a year from one chicken can produce up to 300 eggs.For this purpose, it is first necessary warm, illuminated room.Especially productive chickens aged from one to two years.

Broiler breed chickens and other birds breed, bred to produce meat, usually ready for slaughter at the age of 3 - 4 months.They are generally not recommended to keep more than a year, since after that age, poultr

y becomes more rigid.

Poultry at home attracted by the fact that poultry is unpretentious.For its contents, you can use almost any outhouse without heating.But it is better to use a specially constructed course poultry, specially equipped and reliably protect the bird from drafts.Poultry, it is desirable to handle antiseptic solutions several times a year.This will prevent the spread of infections, fatal for poultry.For the same cost to comply with such conditions of detention, as the number of birds in relation to the area of ​​content.On 20 adults should have no less than 10 square meters.m. premises.

Perepelov it's best to keep in the special cells.

for hens, the room must be equipped with jacks soft bedding of straw or sawdust, feeders for dry and wet food, drinking bowls and containers with a mixture of ash and sand to "swim" bird.You should also build a special roosts.

for geese and ducks are required trough a trough, drinker and put on a baking sheet, in order to avoid wet litter.

When the content of any bird desirable areas for walking.Waterfowl birds breed is rapidly gaining weight and get sick less often if they have access to the pond.

Poultry at home is to use a variety of feed grains (whole grains should be avoided, it is worse to digest), food waste, plant food and various special-vitamin supplements.

to domestic poultry can acquire young birds or print it using the incubator.Incubation less expensive way, but it will require more time and knowledge.To facilitate the removal of chicks, there are models of incubators that are independently maintain the necessary level of temperature and simplifies turning eggs.Sometimes, poultry at home involves incubating eggs adult birds.

newly hatched chicks require more care than adults.They should be warm and be provided with the necessary number of special food (eg, finely chopped boiled eggs) and warm, clean water.You do not need to insulate the cubs from contact with adult birds.

Poultry at home can become a source of not only meat and eggs, but also down-feather raw material, fat and offal.In any case, those who have taken a decision to master the poultry at home, will be provided with natural products, the quality of which is not subject to doubt.