pig at home,

One way to survive in the countryside and earn an income, a pig at home.Organization of pig production is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance, but requires initial investments.Domestic pigs conventionally divided into three categories: direct meat, breeding pigs to sell mixed pig, so to speak a full cycle of a pig boar with the further implementation of adults for meat or to cut form.

In order to choose the direction you must first define the markets for which to conduct market research, local scale.Determine that there is more demand: pigs or fresh meat and meat products.Check prices for meat and pigs, as well as the price of feed for pigs.This will help determine which pigs at home the most cost-effective: a single, multi-headed, or mass rearing male pigs with the involvement of employees.

consider in more detail pig at home.When the unit
fattening enough to have a small paddock area up to 4 square meters, the best type of wood, with an attached small sazhkom - open on one side of

house.Cleaning and feeding produce according to the routing individually for each breed pigs purchased.Enough to feed a small storage cellar and a heated barn.

Estimated consumption of feed per head per year is a pig: milk - 28 liters concentrates - 280 kg, green fertilization and grass - 550 kg of root crops - 220 kg, potatoes - 330 kg.
If there is the possibility of acquiring more cattle, it can be a vicious cycle of breeding pigs.Isolated from the herd sow and boar, preferably from different families and are housed separately.This is done in order to obtain high-quality young at certain times.The rest of the animals in order to save material for the production of farm buildings, it is better to keep in general paddock area about 100kv.m., depending on the number of livestock.For shelter from inclement weather in which case the overall parked spacious sazhok.Feed chrono in the cellar or the warmth of the barn, up to 20 square meters.m.

Mass pig at home organized is extremely rare.Typically, this occurs after the passage of the first stages of breeding pigs, experience and generate sufficient revenue.Here the farmer can not manage the forces of his family and forced to involve additional manpower.It is worth noting that with this expansion of the economy, revealed the need for these workers: scorekeeper (storekeeper), cattleman and handyman.The storekeeper keeps records and issuing feed this role can continue to fulfill the farmer or a member of his family.Cattleman directly involved in caring for the pigs in accordance card types.But, in that case you must register your company in public services.

When breeding cattle for pigs, place of young animals is warm.Piglets after birth is divided into breeding and culling.Sorting helps determine the cost.The right pig at the shoulders should not be wider than in the back, with even the sacrum and the long, fleshy, rounded rear ham.
Income from the sale of pigs is higher due to the absence of costs for their upkeep.But requires more time and attention.The birth of the piglets must be monitored, sometimes accompany and help.Newborns in the first day of life necessarily must be an injection of iron-containing drugs, to avoid lung diseases, particularly in the open method of content.
Thus, the pig at home can seriously raise the family's budget to a level higher than the average, as well as, with the mass of the population of interest in this type of activity, significantly increase the gross domestic product of our country.