How to choose a kitten

How to choose a kitten.

you have decided to get a kitten.We very much hope that your decision to deliberate and balanced and a small pet will bring you many happy smiles and happy moments!But before the kitten cross the threshold of your home, you need to determine for yourself the following:

1) Healthy cats with proper care live about 15 - 20 years.All this time, you will be responsible for the animal!

2) When buying a kitten in baby gift, you should be prepared for the fact that virtually all the care of a new family member will be on you!

3) It is necessary to immediately decide what you take a kitten - or you need a tender and gentle pet, or you dream of a show career and the championship title!

Where do you start?How to choose a kitten?

The first thing to consider when choosing a kitten - it's his health and then everything else.Who then will excite kitten color and type, if you do not live two months?

Please do not buy a kitten in the poultry market - where massively sells a

variety of animals and where to take a kitten in any case not desirable.Firstly, even if you are buying a pedigree kitten with documents that you can not anything be sure, because the known high incidence of forgery.Secondly, all the kittens are there in appalling conditions, and almost all, not only are not vaccinated, not degelmintizirovany, but not examined by a veterinarian (not to mention that many of the infections detected only by means of tests. Thirdly, buying a kittenon the market, you will unwittingly encourage this business in which each year kills thousands of kittens, and trying to save one, you are condemned to death others.

choosing a kitten should visit the house breeder. Look around, animals should not be keptcells in the house should be clean. Not tolerated no unpleasant odors.

If possible, look at a cat-mother, as her external data and character traits will have a huge impact on your kitten. Ask information about the father the child, his pedigreeand exhibition titles.

you selected should look like a kitten is healthy and happy, playful. The coat should be shiny, thick, without bald patches, eyes, ears and buttocks neat.This applies to any kitten any breed.Lethargy, sick appearance can indicate a disease of the baby.

kitten should be socially adapted, accustomed to the tray, kittens should eat on their own.

If you decide to have pussy for yourself, you will need to consider options for castration (sterilization) in order to avoid future problems associated with periods of sexual activity.In this case, sex kitten does not matter.Castrated animals until old age are playful and fun.They do not cause any concern to owners.Besides thoroughbred cats - Alters can successfully exhibited at trade shows and to receive the title in its class.

opponents of castration and sterilization should be aware that non-sterilized adult cats can become aggressive and may seek escape in search of cats.Moreover, they are actively mark territory.During the period of maturation and gentle to extreme old age unsterilized cats can behave unusually, overshoot tray and shout loudly, beckoning cat.Missed estrus cause cats various gynecological diseases, which may result in death of the animal.

better to prevent such a timely castrated animals.Cat with 6 months, cats 8. And then your pet will live a long and happy life without pain.

If you decide to breed the animal, the first owner of a cat or cat must be a member of the club to register their pet at the club.

sure to visit the exhibition, to receive expert assessment not lower than "excellent" for the cat and the title of licensed experts not lower CH (champion) for the cat;the animal must be a pedigree.

for breeding should find a cat-producer respective breed already unleashed, obtain permission from the club for mating.Pre-see exhibition of his previous successes and litters of kittens.We should not forget that the cat-producer services are not cheap.

Note that pedigree breeding is a lot of hard work requires knowledge, skills and infinite patience.

Breeder with your chosen kitten should provide you with a veterinary passport stamped on the made inoculations.When purchasing an animal with the documents you will be given a card kitten (metric) on the basis of which the club issued pedigree.

breeder should also give you full information about feeding and maintenance of a kitten.Better if it will be printed memo, then you do not have to try to remember all the information that the breeder will try to bring you.

One or more cats, it's up to you.It is proved that when some cats, they are much more fun.Watch them, too much fun.They do not get bored when you are not at and have fun.And less shkodnichayut.

Remember that whim can turn into big trouble for the kitten, if you took it, and then change your mind, decide to throw into the street.

The most important thing when buying a kitten that you are responsible for it!