Cat Filler

Cat filler

Before you start a pet, you need to consider a lot of different and very relevant detail, one bathroom and a filler .

novice breeders is very easy to get lost among the many advertised brands cat litter .How to choose the filler cat litter , which will please your pet and will approach you?

It is proper to ask the owner of your pet to what filler used kitten and use the same for the first time.And later, or opt for it is, or pick up another filler .

carry out an overview of existing cat litter and consider the pros and cons of personal experience of cat owners.

Wood cat litter - consists of compressed wood pellets.


- He is one of the cheapest fillers ;

-environmental friendly;

-You can throw in the toilet;

-Nezamenim when young kittens accustomed to the tray (it unlike other fillers cat litter to eat kittens. With rare exception.)


-When wet granules dissolve, turning into dust, causing sufferingthe cleanliness of the house.Sawdust stick to paws, a

nd your pet will distribute them throughout the apartment;

-Nuzhno changed frequently, otherwise the apartment spread an unpleasant odor.

clumping cat litter box filler - made of bentonite clay.


- when wet forms dense clumps that are easily removed with a special spatula sold in any pet store;

- Do not stick to the legs;

- Good inhibits odor;

- Does not require complete replacement.It is only necessary to remove lumps and periodically pour the filler;

-Ideal for adult animals, provided that if they are not more than two.


- Do not use if you have a little kitten.Kittens can eat filler from the tray and filler lumps sticks to the walls of the stomach, which is dangerous for the pet;

-Komochki clay stick to the shovel and hard laundered;

-If you have a lot of cats, you simply will not have time to remove the lumps and pour filler.

-Nelzya throw down the toilet.

absorbent filler cat litter - from clay dust-free, threshold and concretes , obtained including the recycling of defective materials, synthetic sorbents.


-Vpityvaet in the lower layer, keeping the smell;

- evenly and quickly absorb moisture without forming lumps;


- pylyat;

- With a complete change of the filler is a terrible smell;

- Cheap absorbent fillers muddy paws, sex, and almost do not keep the smell;

- Do not throw in the toilet.

Silikogelevy filler cat litter - dried gel consisting of the same compound as that of ordinary sand with a phenomenal absorbency.


-Record and moisture disappear silikogelevom vehicle instantly, and the filler during use never turns into a viscous wet weight;

- Tray with sparkling beads of silica, like small pieces of glass, in itself suggestive of purity and freshness;

- Very rarely requires changing;

- When changing no unpleasant smell;

-Not adheres to the legs;


- Silikogelevye fillers not like all cats, because the issue is quite characteristic of the loud crunch of use.

recently appeared fillers cat litter based corncobs, but has earned mixed reviews of various specialists.They are not widely known in the Russian market, and rarely occur in the trading network.It seems to be good in all of them, even in the toilet can be used to lower filler .But, like a tree, a filler tends to adhere to the legs.As a result, ensuring the cleanliness of the cat litter, we are polluting the apartment.Therefore, such a filler also better mix with absorbent, improving the quality of one or the other.

convenient to buy two packages - from absorbent and wood filler ( fillers or kitty litter based corncobs) and mix them in a tray.Thus, we solve two problems at once - odor and dryness. Woody filler need about 1/3 of the total volume of the filler, and the rest is filled absorbent filler.

Some owners of cats and kittens, trying to save money, are used as fillers cat litter sand, torn paper, sawdust.Cons

such savings sand, sawdust adheres to the cat paws and spreads throughout the apartment, besides very bad hold odors.And the low absorbency of paper, dampen it quickly and require frequent replacement.

In pet stores you can buy cat litter fillers synthetic flavorings.At first glance, this is the perfect solution: the house is not an unpleasant smell.But their use is not recommended because any unfamiliar smell can scare the kitten.And scare adult cats that are no longer walking in the tray.Do not forget that the cat is very curious and may try to taste unusual smelling filler and poison.

Animal and how to choose your cat litter up to you.

But chasing cheap, it is not necessary to save the health of your pet!