Pregnancy Cats

One day the time will come when your cat graceful teenager, you think kitten, cat suddenly starts to demand.

Usually cats reach sexual maturity at about 6-9 months, sometimes 5-12.

cats should prepare in advance for a future pregnancy.Carry out all the necessary vaccinations for the prevention of infectious diseases in the cat and her kittens.It is necessary to treat the pregnant cat against fleas and worms.

So mating has occurred, and your kitty was in the "interesting situation".

in early pregnancy in cats is invisible.But some cats, have arrived with the cross behave like long-pregnant, eat a lot, often for long periods sitting pensively staring at one point, as if listening to the changes in the body.Other cats continue to behave like a mischievous kitten, frightening hosts dizzying leaps.
You have to be ready for anything ... street pedigree cats are more adapted to life than pets, they usually handle themselves during childbirth.Births
also have cats, especially pampered pedigree, often re

quire the presence of a veterinarian or an experienced breeder cats.

cats impossible, as humans, to determine pregnancy test on blood or urine.Determine that your cat may be pregnant by the following features:

- By the third week of pregnancy in cats increases the nipples (become like risinki) and turn pink.

- By the fourth week of a pregnant cat begins to gain weight, it makes pregnancy cats are more apparent.

- Like humans, some pregnant cats may experience morning sickness in the third week of pregnancy.

- experienced doctor veterinarian can, feeling the belly of the cat, find kotyatok 3 - 4 weeks of pregnancy.But do not try to do it yourself at home, that you can do serious harm to the developing fetus.

- Pregnancy in cats can be detected by ultrasound in a month.

- X-rays can also reveal pregnant cats, but only after 40 days, because before the skeletons embryos are invisible to X-rays.Sometimes these procedures can pre-identify as a pathology and prevent various undesirable consequences.

But it is not desirable to do ultrasound and X-ray of a pregnant cat just for the sake of curiosity.

for pregnant cats already own trip to vetkliniku stress, not to mention the procedure.

should not forget about the danger of infection of pregnant cats, as cats during pregnancy the immune system is weakened.

- Stirs kotyatok can be felt in the last three weeks of pregnancy cats.

Pregnancy cat is 62 - 68 days (average 65), but the individual cat pregnancy can range from 58 to 72 days.Kittens born before 56 days and kittens weighing less than 60 grams, usually do not survive.

cats During pregnancy, there are several critical periods during which the fetus is very sensitive to external factors: stress, heat, medication and others.

first critical period of pregnancy cats 7-8 days of pregnancy, when the fetus descends into the uterus.

second period of 14-15 days of gestation, the embryo attaches to the uterine wall.

third critical period - the beginning of the second month of pregnancy, when completed the formation of the placenta.

During these periods can be prevented with the help of the negative factors of the drug Elvestin.

Elvestin has immunomodulatory effects.It promotes the normalization of metabolism in pregnant cats and reduces fetal mortality.

In recent weeks pregnant cats often have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, constipation appear.To improve the functioning of the intestines can be pierced Liarsin.

We are your cats about ten days before delivery pierce drug Gamavit.

Gamavit contains a complex of biologically active substances, optimizes the metabolic processes in the body (protein, vitamins and minerals), normalizes blood formula, has immunomodulatory effects.It reduces postnatal mortality and increases the viability of offspring.

During pregnancy, the cat body weight should be optimal for adult cats.Feeding pregnant cats need to use a full diet.Special food for pregnant cats used for feeding during pregnancy.A pregnant cat may experience increased demand for better nutrition.The frequency of feeding cats during pregnancy increases several times.But excessive weight gain in pregnant cats usually due to additional deposits of fat.Pregnant cats body weight after childbirth is reduced immediately.Reserve fat cats need to complete the lactation.Without a reserve of fat in the absence of high-quality feed, the cat will not be able to provide enough milk to kittens.

It is important that a pregnant cat was fed a high-quality food, rich in calcium and protein.

But to avoid over-feeding pregnant cats, because excessive weight may complicate the birth of kittens.

Carefully observe the pregnant cat in the last two weeks of pregnancy, so as not to miss the moment when the cat will begin delivery.