How to dye your hair?

Hair Coloring - a favorite activity for many women, but not every one of them bother going to the salon to an experienced master.And it's predictable, because sales are so many colors, intended for home use, and natural dyes is not necessary to remove from the accounts: henna and basma are so many women.

Indeed, it would seem, instruction - a ready answer to the question of how to dye your hair - is attached to each bundle.It is enough to follow it, and everything will be fine.But this is not true.Unfortunately, many women do not take into account the basic features.Occasionally the first time get a satisfactory result dyed blonde.The fact that the bleached hair easier to absorb pigments, whereby the time needed for the painting of much smaller.

surprises may await those who incorrectly identifies their native color or no take into account.And do not be surprised, your own hair color can be determined properly.The fact that the total weight of the hair always look darker.So you only need to take on

e strand and consider it in the light.

It makes sense to consider the technique of working with paint, henna and basma.How to dye your hair?Many are trying to buy a professional paint, believing that the quality is better.This has its own logic, but it is necessary to take into account that require professional paints and professional approach, including the fact that the higher the concentration of these active substances.

Generally, it is important to remember that in most inks contain ammonia, which softens the hair, facilitating penetration of dyes into the hair cells.Without ammonia and substances similar in effect to do when painting difficult, on the other hand, they can seriously damage the hair.Therefore, you should choose a paint with a minimum content of ammonia.

To avoid surprises with the result of staining is important and proper selection of colors.All colors are marked with two numbers: the first indicates the tone, the second - shade.In our case, the first matter: tone should not differ from the original more than 2 digits.Otherwise, the result would be difficult to predict the color.Check tone can be on a table, for example, in the shop.

believed that to achieve the desired result you paint better not to clean the hair, and the next day after washing.In this case, the natural sebum will protect the scalp from the effects of paint.

How to dye your hair?It is best to find a mate, because of back of the head spread paint on their own will be difficult.Paint can lie unevenly.

How can dye your hair with henna?And why, in fact, so many women chooses it?Henna not only helps women to change color, but also to restore the hair, makes them shiny.This is not only natural colors, but also an excellent hair mask.It is believed that henna is harmless, but it is not so, it is a few hair dries, and if the nature of the dry, you have to be careful.

Iranian henna gives a red shade, India - reddish.Furthermore, to give different shades of red hair by using various additives such as cloves or camomile.Henna poured into china and pour hot water.The water temperature should be no more than 70 degrees from the sintered powder and boiling water loses its coloring properties.

Henna is very important to evenly distribute the hair.Then, head wear a plastic cap or bag and wrapped head with a towel.

final color depends on how long it is kept.Specific time limits there, some women even go to bed.

You can dye your hair basmoj mixed with henna.But clean basmoj-not worth it, it gives a radical solo green.A mixture of colors can be achieved by light brown to almost black.The technology of painting is no different from that described above.

How to dye your hair?Hopefully, this article will deal with this issue for those who do not want to spend time in the cabin.