The largest breed of dog

70% of the world's population, according to statistics, keeps the house pets.Most of them prefer cats and dogs.Because we all know the truth proven by centuries - "the dog - man's best friend."And many hold this view.

Fidelity dogs regardless of their breed, color or size.This as they narrate many legends, traditions and history.For example, the famous story of faithful Hachiko, a dog, which after the death of the owner every day waiting for him at the station, where he led the last years of his life.In memory of that in Japan there is a monument of Hachiko, a name it has become synonymous with the word "fidelity" and "dedication".

Generally, dogs are very good pets, they are not only good friends, but good assistants: they protect you and your home.In ancient times, and sometimes now, the dogs are indispensable helpers in the hunt.

division dog breeds started since time immemorial.In ancient times, these animals were divided into specific groups, depending on their economic purpose.Then the dogs

were hunting and guard, and later appeared and decorative animals that did not do anything.This type of dog is popular now.But it should also be noted that this classification shall be conditional rocks.

Some are wondering what is the largest breed of dog.However, it difficult to answer even the experts of this business.Scientists have made the top list of the "most large breed dogs."But even the drafters note that this list is not perfect, because there are many options.In the first place the representative of the old English Mastiff breed.Then go to Newfoundland, Great Dane, Scottish Deerhound, Irish Wolfhound, Leonberger, Caucasian Shepherd Dog, Neapolitan Mastiff, Saint Bernard, Akita.

As can be seen from this list, the St. Bernard dog breed - one of the largest.It comes in two varieties: shorthair and longhair.There are several versions of their origin.On one of them St. Bernard is the largest breed of dog, as well as the English Mastiff, its roots are from the Tibetan mastiff, which is delivered to Europe, and there is St. Bernard crossed with local breeds of dogs.According to the second theory, the St. Bernards come from the Roman fighting mastiffs that were brought to the Alps by the Romans during their conquests.

Bernard knowingly included in the list "is the largest breed of dog", because its growth starts from 70 centimeters.By the standards of the weight of such animals should be about 80 kg, but does not always correspond to the standards of reality.Most individuals are found, the growth of which exceeds 80 cm, while the weight is 100 kg or more.This type of dog is very loyal and obedient.St. Bernards carefully and accurately treat the children.In the past they were often used to rescue people caught in avalanches.

next largest breed - white Caucasian Shepherd.It was originally considered to be a shepherd.Ears of animals subject to cupping, so herders deprived of their ear cartilage.For its size they are above average height (about 65cm).This breed (white Caucasian Shepherd) stands out among other endurance, sensitivity, tranquility, simplicity and strength.Researchers have shown that during the fight, this dog can win even Betta.The peculiarity of this breed is that it has a thick dense undercoat, which provides good protection dog from cold temperatures.This is one of the best breeds.

So today we talked about the major dog breeds and show you the top 10.Also we talked about the details and white St. Bernard Caucasian Shepherd.We have given you their response and indicated some of the features.We hope that these tips will help you in choosing a puppy home.