Spotted Cat: breed.

impossible to find in nature two animals that have exactly the same pattern on the coat.Is no exception and the spotted cat, patterned color that is very different and resembles the coloring of a leopard, tiger and other big felines.

History cat pictures

spotted pattern on the skin is a disguise of wild animals.It helps them to sneak up to the mining or watch for her, sitting in an ambush.Domestic cats have similar coloring, have among their ancestors of these wild cats, which differed good health and stable psyche.All of this is genetically passed on and their descendants.Spotted color cats suggests that these animals are very easy to adapt to new conditions, they are unpretentious and, therefore, will be an excellent option for people who, because employment can not be a lot of time to devote to your pet.

In Russia, the most common and familiar cat gray-brown color with a variety of patterns.In addition, many of these animals have a completely different color.But very often today and artificial

ly bred spotted cats.Breed Bengal - a typical representative - was obtained by crossing a domestic cat with leopard cat.As a result, types of coat patterns on a variety of these creatures.The spots are arranged in such variations, the cat may sound like colors and a leopard and a tiger, and even leopard.


Many of these animals can be seen today in the wild.The smallest representatives look a little larger than a domestic cat.They have very close relationship with the large carnivores of the cat family such as tiger, leopard, lynx, and therefore the appearance of anatomical features have much in common.

Serval - wild spotted cat of medium size, living in the steppes and tropical forests.It is a close relative of the lynx, but, in contrast, is not particularly fond of climbing trees, hunting mainly in the grass and bushes.

Pallas also has many features lynx, but also some anatomical features and habits of the European wild cat.It is a long tail, decorated with dark rings, small ears and a thick long coat.Habitats - steppes and foothills of Central Asia, Mongolia, the Caucasus, China and Afghanistan.

Bigger - jungle cat (house).Externally very similar to the lynx (the same brush on the ears and reddish color), weighs twice less of it.Jack arranges cane on the ground or in the old fox burrows.

In our country there are wild cats of small size.This steppe cat, the Amur leopard cat and European cat.

rarest breed of spotted cats

Among affectionate pets, numbering about a hundred only officially recognized breeds, there are also quite rare, which often can only be seen at the major international exhibitions.The rarest in the world is a large spotted cat Toyger - almost like a little tiger, a real looker with a harmless character.It is also one of the most expensive types.

Funny dots adorn another rare representative of the cat family - stately and elegant Serengeti.Blessed with grace wild predator, this cat has a completely domestic, affectionate and sociable disposition.It completely lacks the wild blood, as deduced breed of Bengal and Abyssinian cats.

Another rare breed - Sokoke.Happy active animal has a very good-natured disposition, although launched by semi-domesticated relatives.This cat is spotted rather complex pattern on its skin, a bit like the bark of a tree.

British cat

One of the most popular cat breeding which has recently become particularly fashionable.Spotted tabby color requires a mandatory element in the color of the animal, such as the pattern on the forehead with the letter "m", a bright spot on the surface of the ear, like a fingerprint, and stroking the base color around the eyes and nose.

According to existing standards require that the British spotted cat was one of the three kinds of color: harlequin, brindle and brindle.When Harlequin pattern is very tight, with broad lines.Dark stripes run along the back and end rings on the tail.Tiger Tabby little different - a narrow transverse stripes on the sides, coming from the back.On the neck there is a necklace of small closed rings.Tubby characterized spots of different sizes and shapes, randomly located throughout the body, including legs.On the back and on the sides of these spots are more ordered.


kittens of this breed are born with straight ears.Only at the end of the first month of life, they acquire their original shape.The peculiarity of this breed are round or oblong spots with clear contours.On the back of these spots merge into one continuous strip, stretching up to the tail.Fold color tabby kittens are very mobile, playful.But as the become more relaxed and virtually delivered to their owners any inconvenience.

Australian Mist

spotted coat this beauty can have a variety of colors: from blue to chocolate.But the pattern will always be spotted or marbled.From the name of this breed it is already clear that it is withdrawn in the distant Australia.And, as many of the animals of the continent is characterized by its uniqueness.The muzzle has a distinct triangular shape, tapering to the chin.Ears with rounded tips slightly move aside.Very accommodating and friendly disposition difference between these spotted cats.The breed is suitable for people who often have to miss home.Cats are very well tolerated by the loneliness and solitude.They are distinguished by an amazing patience with which they refer to children and pets.

California shining

breed was developed in the 70s of the last century.The result was a cat, spotted like a leopard, and having a great resemblance to him.Representatives of this breed have a strong, muscular body, developed hunting instinct and athletic qualities.The spots have a rounded shape, but also allowed the triangular or square.California Spangled is very similar in appearance to the wild, but in nature it is very gentle and friendly creature, extremely dedicated host.


Crossing wild leopard cat with a domestic cat has led to the emergence of a new breed - the Bengal cat.This is a fairly rare breed that combines the appearance of a predator and tenderness, affection pet.Unlike other domestic cats, Bengal so love to splash in the water, which can make the company owner, to take a shower.

Dark rounded shape spots are located along the body, forming a beautiful rosette - a business card of the breed.The basic color can be yellowish or reddish-golden, but it is important that the spots were contrasting.This cat has spotted another interesting feature - depending on the light she can change tint coat.Often you can see how the fur shines as if showered with sequins.

Some cat lovers believe that the nature of this animal can be identified by color.In fact, play a role quite different factors.Therefore, choosing a pet, you can safely give preference to coloring, which will appeal.