How to cook efektivnost mask for dry hair at home?

Have dry hair has always been an important issue.Trying to make a beautiful styling, we often resort to the help of various air conditioners and varnishes that are harmful to your hair.Their spoils dry and cold winter air, hats and even a hair dryer.Improve the health of hair, you can not only through the haircut.I want to tell you what kind of mask for dry hair at home can be cooked.Let's start with the oil masks, which are very effective.They should be used at least once a week.So, get to know the recipe oil mask on the basis of four teaspoons of castor oil.Mix them with vinegar in the amount of a teaspoon, and then to the same drive in egg, then be sure to add a little glycerin.Coat the hair, cover with a plastic sack and Wrap a towel.Walk so for forty minutes.Then thoroughly rinse your hair.

Prepare mask for dry hair at home, using olive oil.A tablespoon of its mixed with egg yolk and brandy, as well as honey and a colorless henna - all on a teaspoon.Half an hour walk around with a mask on your ha

ir, then wash it off.

very useful to make a mask out of sea buckthorn oil.To do this, mix it with a nourishing cream at a ratio of 1: 9.Rub into the scalp mask, wrap the hair to keep them warm.Hold the mask for two hours, and then get rid of it by using shampoo.

very useful to make the egg mask for dry hair at home.They protect your hair from damage and dryness.To prepare the base mask, add one egg yolk and thirty grams of cognac.So you warm up the scalp and improve its penetration into useful substances in the yolk.

To prepare the mask on the basis of two egg yolks and castor oil, add a spoon of tincture of calendula polstolovoy.Apply the mask on his head, and then muffle the hair and hold in this state for forty minutes.Then rinse the head herbal shampoo, very suitable shampoo with the addition of aloe.You can use a mask based on egg yolk and honey.To do this, one egg yolk to mix with a tasty dessert spoon of honey.Do not be amiss to add a mask of a clove of garlic.The mixture was applied to the scalp, the hair is towel wrapped up in this state they should be in an hour, after which it was washed.

very effective mask for dry hair at home, prepared with plants.To make a mask of blueberries, you should grind in a blender, three hundred grams of these berries, pour 200 grams of just a boiling water and cool.Next, a mask is applied to the scalp and hair.Half an hour later it can be washed off.

To prepare the herbal mask, mix equal parts of chamomile, plantain and nettle, fill them half cups of boiling water.After the infusion has cooled, strain it and add to the liquid crumb of rye.Let sit for half an hour a mask, and then rub it into the scalp and hair.An hour hike with her head wrapped up, and then rinse.So you not only get rid of the dryness of the hair, but also improve their growth, they become shiny.

If you have dry hair, the mask is required to help you make them beautiful and shiny.Follow the advice of the data, make rubbing at least once a week, and very soon your hair will be healthy.Comb your hair with a toothed comb, so they will not break.Owners posechennyh, dryish hair may be advisable to limit the use of bandages and hard gums.Remember that the best hair masks at home turn out much better.After coming so soon all the vitamins, nutrients that will make your hair in the most beautiful and healthy.