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Everything in our world is interconnected.The most prominent is a direct dependence of all life on the planet from the night light, which sometimes are attributed to downright mystical abilities.Many people live (or try to live) on the lunar calendar.For different occasions provided the recommendations in it - it's planting, and shopping, and finding employment, and the beginning of important cases, and beauty treatments, and much more.Can not do, of course, and such an important question: "When is it best to cut hair?".

It's no secret that, depending on the selected day to perform this action can radically change the destiny, or at least try to improve the quality of life.In fact, not for nothing that there is a lunar calendar, if indeed turn out plans, it may be wise to wait for the auspicious day?In any case, this article calculated on that category of people who are concerned about the issue "when it is best to cut your hair?" And they give it meaning.

keeping with the views of astrologers abou

t some mysterious connection with the other world, according to which the hair of our supposedly are the link between the light and dark forces, you can try to achieve substantial improvements in a particular case or in extreme cases to receive a charge of vivacity and good mood.Simply select the correct day for haircuts on the lunar calendar.It is not necessary to delve into the intricacies of various allegations, so it is possible and does not remain a hairstyle!However, to know the general rule is necessary.So, should refrain from any manipulation of the hair in the so-called "Satanic" days, and they correspond to the 9 th, 15 th, 23 th and 29 th lunar days in each month, without exception.Following this simple rule, we have to rid yourself of all troubles.

When cutting hair on the lunar calendar?

To achieve the highest quality cut and good mood should pay attention to the fact, in what will be the sign of the Zodiac Moon in selected for the planned day.The most appropriate signs are considered - the constellation Virgo and Leo.The hair will be healthy and thick, long hair cut and will hold the shape.On the contrary, the constellation of Cancer and Pisces (water sign) - are not suitable for a visit to the hairdresser.There is a widespread belief that these days do not work out a hairstyle, hair is not to be packing, do not hold a predetermined shape.Moreover, perhaps even the appearance of such trouble, like dandruff.Astrologers are not recommended in these days not to get a haircut - head to wash, make masks, in general, do refrain from hair care.When to get a haircut?The best day is the full moon.A pleasant feeling of lightness after clipping due to the fact that on this day the easiest way to relieve the negative energy.Many people use this ruse, monthly, trimming the tips of the hair, it is believed that from this they grow better.Not bad effect on the condition of hair and hairstyles on the growing moon, can not be said of the waning moon.In summary, when it's better to cut their hair and take care of them.

  1. Waxing Crescent favorable effect on food and haircuts.The hair will grow faster, their roots are strengthened, improved quality of hair.
  2. Waning Moon strengthens hair roots and slow their growth - the perfect solution for those who rarely visit the barber.
  3. It should refrain from cutting:
  • the new moon as the most critical day for the body as a whole;
  • in the 9th lunar day;
  • in the 15th lunar day;
  • in 23 and lunar day;
  • in the 29th lunar day;
  • during the eclipse (lunar and solar).

Adhering to the Lunar Calendar, and determining for themselves, when it is best to cut your hair, you can achieve the desired in any endeavor, protect yourself from harm and illness to become more attractive to the opposite sex, to develop insight and intuition to receive welfarein material terms, and so on, as each lunar day promises something special.