Shugaring home

Today, there are quite a few ways to deal with hair on the body - this is shaving, and expensive salon treatments laser hair removal for a lifetime, and discoloration of the hair.Unfortunately, the latter can afford not all, but, nevertheless, wants to get rid of the hair, and it is desirable for a long time, if not forever.Many women prefer to carry out the procedure to remove unwanted hair at home, afraid to trust the professionals.Choose an effective way to hair removal at home is more difficult, but you can find a way out.One of the most simple, available each procedure - shugaring.

in beauty salons that offer shugaring, or as it is otherwise called, sugar hair removal.Shugaring also has other names: hair removal sugar paste, SPA-hair removal, caramel, bio-epilation.Whatever procedure is called, the process is always the same.He reminds depilation wax, but the wax is replaced with sugar.

salons are shugaring as a novelty, although in fact it is capable of removing the girl's hair East hundreds

of years ago.

those who decided to make shugaring home, you should first examine the process of cooking the sugar mixture, then learn to cook it and then try to remove the hairs.Cook this mixture is not easy, but you can.The very shugaring epilation almost painless, precisely because she quickly gained popularity.Moreover, the procedure is safe, since liquid sugar does not cause allergies and irritation.There is a chance to get burned, but to protect yourself from injury, you have to be careful.With sugar hair removal it is possible to get rid of fine hairs permanently removing them from the root.Most often shugaring homes operate, removing hairs in the bikini area and underarms.Delicate skin is unpleasant to injure or an electric machine, so the sugar paste is an excellent substitute.

If you want to cook pasta to spend shugaring home, you need the sugar, lemon juice and water.A mixture of the idea is the most common sugar syrup, which we turned into a sticky caramel.Cup sugar mixed with sufficient amount of lemon juice and a spoon of water.Mixing all the ingredients, put the mixture on the minimum fire.Stirring constantly, bring the syrup to a boil.After that, even for a few minutes to boil and continue to monitor to ensure that the sugar is not burnt.Consistency should get not liquid, but not too thick.Sweet caramel smell differs from the semi-cooked pasta.Once you have turned golden brown sugar mixture with the smell of caramel, remove the pan from the heat and allow to cool.Once the pasta has cooled down a bit, but not hardened, try to get a piece of his hands.Check that it turns a blind ball, which was supposed to be like a ball of clay.If a lump is easily formed and much sticks to the hands, it can be applied to the skin.When pasta is cooked well, then shugaring hair removal will be successful.

Before you start directly hair removal treatments, degrease the skin lotion with alcohol.Himself ball roll, knead with his hands and apply to the skin against the hair growth.With one hand holding and pulling pasta, another sharp movement tear it in the direction of growth.If after the first time the hair is not completely removed, repeat the procedure.First work out, removing hair from the legs, then go to the bikini line and underarms.

As you can see, in fact, spend shugaring homes is possible, but there are some nuances that are difficult to put into words and can only understand in practice.If you doubt whether cope with epilation at home, visit the beauty salon, where she will quickly and painlessly as in beauty parlors sugar paste has a different composition than the home-made pasta, and it is intended for professional hair removal.