Hair straightener: reviews and recommendations

find a girl happy with their appearance 100 percent impossible.Owners straight hair always want cool curls, and those whom nature has endowed stubborn curls, on the contrary tend to make your hair straight and obedient.And just so I want every day to be able to create the perfect hairstyle.Moreover, the arsenal of styling products is huge: hairdryers, elektrobigudi, and curling irons or hair straighteners.Reviews are very different, and to understand that the choice for a particular case is not so simple.Let's try to consider all the pros and cons that need to be considered when buying a hair straightener.

First of all, you need to pay attention to the fact of what made the work surface.Professional hairdressers are advised to give preference tourmaline ceramic coating.Almost all the irons for beauty salons made using this material.Tourmaline when heated releases negative ions.Such exposure reduces the electrostatic properties of the hair, whereby a negative impact on heating is considerably reduced


If you can not buy a fairly expensive tourmaline hair straightener, user feedback encourages opt for ceramic irons.

to create hairstyles use the straightener with a metal surface is highly undesirable.It is possible at one time to turn the hair into beautiful living tow.

Often, the kit includes a variety of tips to create the effect of "ripple" or romantic curls.These hair straighteners allow to dream and do a variety of hairstyles every day.Here the choice is entirely dependent on the capabilities and needs of women customers.

plates themselves are different in width.It is best to use at home to choose an average width.Controlled with broad not very easy, and narrow will make several times to pass on the same strand, which is not in itself is not very good.On the other hand, if the hair is thin, only narrow plates will give the desired result.

should also pay attention to the body, which is made from the hair straightener.Reviews say that the ergonomic properties of each model are very important.Hold the selected model in the hands of a few minutes, close and open the mechanism.It should be comfortable and not slip out of hands.Turn on the device, look how much heated pen, check all functions.

thermostat allows you to work ironing optimal.The average of the temperature range is from 80 to 230 degrees Celsius.Unfortunately, to determine the optimum temperature for a particular type of hair only possible in practice.Some use a higher temperature, the other lower.The time to reach the required temperature is not more than half a minute, whichever was selected hair straightener.User reviews indicate that most often for wavy and unruly hair, a higher temperature than the direct and docile.

additional options can be automatic shutdown and ionization system through which each mikrocheshuyki hairs are closed, there is an additional luster, hair looks healthy and alive.

on whichever model you have not opted for expensive or cheaper, to make such a purchase is not necessary rashly.Often, only one price tag is impossible to understand all the features that have the selected hair straightener.Reviews on various sites worthy of close study and attention.The warranty period is also an important component in choosing a particular model.