Magnificent braids at home

In today's world of fashion long hair, too, occupy a niche that can not be fully replaced by other hairstyles.But, unfortunately, short "boyish" haircuts slowly begin to displace the fashion for long hair.And, although women with chic hair always attract more attention to others than the rest, even the most zealous few ladies at risk to let your hair, because for them need constant care, so that they shone with the beauty and health.In addition to spending a lot of time in the wash, you need to make a lot of physical strength.And weaving braids at home sometimes just simply is not enough time.However, as stated in the well-known proverb - true beauty requires a lot of sacrifices.And in order to be beautiful, you can spend time and forces.

Easy weaving braids at home

To look every day memorizing and original, you need to know a few ways of weaving braids.And then any girl with long hair will be able to build their own unique style and delicate young charmer, or rebellious and proud of northern long-t

ailed duck.By itself, any hair braiding presents no special difficulty if a little before this practice in the creation of braids at home.Knowing the basics of weaving braids, you can quickly and easily create beautiful hairstyles with braids on a weekday, as well as on any grand exit.

Everyday hairstyles for long hair ranging from standard braids of three strands to braid spikelet created at home.You can decorate them with ribbons narrow width or beautiful hairpins with rhinestones.Even draw beautiful braids at home can be original and unique.And it does not need to seek the help of someone in the family or in a beauty salon.

original braids and holidays at home

to create hair-braids on each day, in the presence of a certain skill, a lot of time and effort to spend is not necessary.But on special occasions, when every girl or woman should look especially festive and elegant, is spent on the creation of braids at home a lot more time and patience.But perfectly mastered this technique, and with a little imagination, you can transform the most ordinary scythe in a unique masterpiece of hairdressing skills, which for a long time will remember you and people around you.

So, exactly dividing the hair on the horizontal parting, follow the standard technique of weaving braids spikelets but across the head, and not along.Begin braiding need not from the temple, and departed from him a little.And when weaving is not worth much to pull the hair - then after the completion of the process lies the beautiful hairstyle gentle wave.Upper tail will go from left to right, and bottom Spit lie on the opposite side, a little lower.The remaining hair to collect small rubber bands, and then distribute the lower fixing some beautiful hairpins.Decoration pins and pins require some participation on the part of assistants, but the result is beautiful.

pretty nice and original looks loose hair, captured in small braids across or a bit obliquely.To do this, a small section near the temple one plait, and fasten it on top of loose hair on the other side, but in the neck, twisting with a small amount of hair.Attach a weave can be under the bulk of the hair inconspicuous bands.Making a few of these tangles along the entire length, you can get a unique hairstyle.And you can decorate it to your taste.