Kos 5 strands: learn how to quickly and easily

Long and well-groomed hair - a subject of pride of each girl.And the ability to make a beautiful hairstyle with long hair is not only interesting in itself, but also very fashionable.The braids of three strands, French braids, volume basketry, weaving from a greater number of strands of the braid 5 - strands can be any number.At first glance, it seems that to make such a hairstyle is not the strength of each, but in fact at a certain skill you can beautifully style your hair braiding using a variety of ways.With such a hairstyle and you can go to work, and night club with friends.

So, learning how to make braids of 5 strands.To use a little trick.Almost all of the lessons in weaving talk about how to immediately begin to weave intricate braids on her head.We will do otherwise.First, learn how to make difficult weaving with decorative ribbons.

We take 5 ribbons, a length of about 50 cm, different colors: green, red, pink, yellow, white.If there are no ribbons, you can use shoelaces, decorative braid

, thick yarn for knitting.

ribbons are added together and communicate with one of the parties so as to remain long ends.It will be our impromptu strands for future braids.

now decompose the free ends of the ribbons in the following order.White will be the first yellow - the second, blue - 3, red - 4, and the green - 5, by moving from left to right.

Next braided 5 strands of a braid.Driving following:

green ribbon put on the red, blue - the green.Then lay a yellow green and white - the green.We continue to weave.Red stacked on blue, yellow - a red, white - a red, green - the red.We continue the scheme and repeat everything from the beginning.

Virtually none of the five strands of the braid does not work right away.Requires specific skill and experience.It is not immediately easy to understand, as there is a netting.It is best practice and to ensure that the movement became more or less automatic.It is better to repeat several times a pigtail.

now begin to train on their own hair.

Here, too, there are a few subtleties.In order to fit the hair gently, hair to hair, it is necessary to thoroughly comb through their length and sprinkle lightly with water from a spray bottle and once again go comb through all the length.

hair combed to one side.Now we are divided into 5 parts.Kos 5 strands at the first stage the best obtained when visible to each strand.Begin braiding.

It's not the easiest hairstyle, so even after training on the ribbon weaving braids of this right may not be possible.But mastering a complicated hairstyle, you can do the weaving in the 6, 7, and a large number of strands.

addition to simply weave, you can work out on the ribbon still how do French braid 5 strands.

In this case, as we expand in order ribbons: white, yellow, blue, red and green from left to right.

start weaving a French braid 5 strands.Green Ribbon put a red, blue - green beneath.Then, lay the yellow to green, and white - a green.We continue to weave.Red stowed beneath the blue, yellow - a red, white - red, green - under the red.We continue on the scheme.

Both principles weaving alike.Only during weaving simple side braid strands superimposed on top, while weaving the French model - a scythe itself.

for evening hairstyles, you can not just create a complex weaving.You can release some of the strands that give hair greater volume.For this very loosely braid braided and fixed by a rubber band at the end.Now arms gradually released, one or more strands.Then, a new hairstyle good fixed varnish, otherwise the hair will beat stronger, and instead of beautiful hairstyle will unkempt, sticking out in all directions design.