How many live Chihuahua, and how to extend this period

Many childhood dream to have a little shaggy pet that will not only brighten up leisure time, but also will become a true friend.Chihuahua, in this case a great choice - they are quite smart, grow up quickly and perfectly understand the emotions of people.But not enough to have a friend, I want to spend with him as much as possible.Therefore, many are wondering how many years live Chihuahua.

As dogs get older?

believed that the age of the dog associate with a man in a ratio of about 1 to 7. That is one year old puppy on intelligence and level of development is approximately equal to a first grader.It's not quite true - the development of a dog is somewhat different from the human.By this view came to the American scientist B. Foster.He compiled a table showing the approximate age of the dog based on the human life cycle.Scientists have studied the behaviors of animals and came to the conclusion that the 2-month-old puppy can be correlated with a child of 14 months.One year old dog - as a teenager 14

years, five-year dog comparable to the 40-year-old man.Animals older than 10 years compared with pensioners.For example, 10-year-old dog chuvstvet himself as a man of 65 and 16 year - old man at 89.

turns out that dog lives longer than 16 years is a real long-lived.But our task - to find out how many live Chihuahua.It should be noted that the breed mature earlier than others.By 10-12 months they reach the psychological and physiological maturity.Around 6-7 months, the growth stops, and up to 10 months of continued strengthening of the skeleton and muscles.

Centenarians or not?

Every owner wants the dog to please him as long as possible.Wondering how many Chihuahuas live, we must remember that the smaller breed of dog, the longer it will live.This rule applies in most cases.But not for too tiny pets, specifically the so-called mini-Chihuahua weighing up to 1 kg.They are the least viable and much more other representatives of the breed prone to injury, illness and infections.They need special care, special meals and relentless control - as if the animal does not hurt to itself.It is difficult enough to answer exactly how many live Chihuahua small, but their cousins ​​medium size (up to 3 kg) live up to 15-17 years.There are also long-lived, which pleased their masters 20 years.The smallest Chihuahua to this age usually do not survive.Nevertheless, from the category of small dog of a larger size (1.5 to 1.8 kg) with proper care to live up to 15 years.

What to do to pet live longer?

Even when choosing a Chihuahua can be a primary assumption about how much he will live.Inspect all the kids in the litter and not to give preference to the small, otherwise you will probably get sick puppy.See that the head was not very big, but not too bulging eyes.The healthier the baby is, the longer he will live with due care.

The life of the dog depends on the way of her life - it should be moderately active.Of course, Chihuahua, as well as any small dogs do not need much to do sports to feel in shape.Just make sure that the animal is moved regularly and visit the open air.Keep pet on a leash or in his arms for days not.Remember that in motion - a life.Also, take care of proper nutrition for your dog, be sure to include in the diet of protein.In many respects it depends on the actions of the home as chihuahuas live.

few facts about Chihuahuas

1) Chihuahua like to hide under the pillow or in other hard-to-space.This does not mean that your pet is afraid or unwilling to be in your community.Such is the nature of this breed.

2) Being the smallest dogs, they are, nevertheless, considered as one of the hardiest.Chihuahua rarely get sick and are able to overcome quite a long distance on foot.

3) Long-haired individuals have a docile nature, and shorthaired - more active and capricious.

4) Perhaps none of the breeds of dogs there as much live Chihuahua.They appeared in the era of the Incas and has long revered as sacred animals.

5) Anyone familiar kind of shivering Chihuahua.This behavior is usually caused by stress or unusual situation.Do not try to warm the baby - with time he will calm down, and a shiver pass itself.

Now you know exactly how many Chihuahuas live at home and how to prolong their life.It should be added, perhaps only love - genuine concern for sure will help your pet to feel indispensable and live with you a long and happy life.