Useful charge for kids "Sunshine"

it necessary to teach a child to morning exercises?Difficult it?I will use?These and many other issues of concern young parents.Many believe that to inculcate love for the sport is best in early childhood.All right, but if you want to make your kid happy to get up in the morning to exercise, you'll need to take active part in it and not give instructions, lying in bed or sitting in a chair at the computer.Otherwise, the child may hate this activity and try in every way to avoid it.Exercises that do not enjoy, do not bring benefits.If a pipsqueak see that his parents are very serious about their studies, it will soon get used to them and it will be easy to get up in the morning.Morning exercises for babies will wake up and give them energy boost that will last the whole day.She also prepares the body to work and contribute to overall health.The daily charge for children "Sunny" will help develop a growing body musculoskeletal system and counter the adverse effects of the environment.

accustom the baby to the morning classes sports

Before you do with the child exercises, remember a few highlights.Understand that the purpose of performing morning exercises - it is primarily the awakening of the body crumbs from sleep.Therefore, the air in the room should be clean and fresh when the heat on the street, you can put the window open, if it is cold - just thoroughly ventilate the room.Engage in charge should be before breakfast.To a child it was interesting to do the exercises, they can be turned into an exciting game.Charge for Children "Sun" is the best fit for your baby - it is interesting and fun.Spend it with music, use the extra items: hoop, ball, toys - and morning warm-up will be for the child's favorite pastime.

«radiant sun" - charge for the kid

This is a special set of exercises that are so chosen to work on the whole body.They are carried out sequentially, starting with a warm-up handles.Also charge for children "Sun" suggests light jogging, jumping, bending and flapping legs and arms.When you exercise, make sure that the child breathed in his nose, and then slowly exhale air through the mouth.Charge for Children "Sun" helps straightening the spine, strengthen the muscles, improve blood circulation and joint mobility.You can think of this music, any movement, more effective and interesting, as long as the baby liked to perform them.Do not try to exercise their own to develop a child's endurance and strength, and do a better emphasis on flexibility, mobility and coordination.The duration of training should be from ten to twenty minutes.The first time is enough for five, and then - you can gradually increase.After the charging wipe your child with a damp towel - it's very useful.In conclusion, I would like to say that the love of sport, instilled from childhood, will be an excellent foundation for strong immunity and good health in the future.