Medium breed dogs for kids - the best option content.

When you see what your little eyes looking at someone else's dog, and even asked to hold the leash at the unfamiliar aunt, you secretly thought creeps in: "And can really get a dog?"And if you "for" more than "against" - factory, just be sure to familiarize yourself with all aspects of this issue.Put themselves and answer questions very frankly.

Will there be enough space in your apartment?Are there any allergies to wool?Do you have time for dog walks and games?You can raise a puppy that requires less care than a child?And your finances "pull" one more burden on the budget?

And if all the questions you answer "yes", then you can start a dog.In this case, you can help some tips on selecting the right type and content of the dogs in the family.And even necessarily aware which will have the dog: common in a city apartment or a private house.

Medium breed dogs - the best option to get a dog.When compared to other breeds, these dogs are large enough for your child.Medium breed dogs not so demanding of care and the peculiarities of the content as small or large breeds working dogs.But they have the three pluses, unlike other species.They can be decorative, hunting and working dogs.

For private homes remarkably suitable breed of dog bullets.This dog belongs to the office, and has another name - a Hungarian Water Dog.Dog handlers talk about its ancient origin, but regular mention of it there from the Middle Ages.We used bullets and used as a guard dog to protect flocks of sheep, but also the content in the family is quite acceptable, especially in a private home with a big yard, a guard dog.Outwardly resembles bullets Commodore, only smaller.Wool kind: long and curled in a spiral-dreadlocks.But hair needs care, in the form of division spirals to prevent stalling.Medium breed dogs, in particular, the bullets easy to train and love to run and jump, so his own house with a yard, it will be very convenient and comfortable for the breed.They are very friendly, and they are generally small children love, to show them the attention and care, as well as great listen.

breed dogs Pinscher has worked well in the room maintenance.Short hair does not require careful maintenance, molt numerous, and did not cause trouble.Like all averages breed of the dog they do not exceed half a meter.Despite the fact that this dog is a great piper, she's beautiful way to cope with the responsibilities of the caretaker.To strangers showing persistent distrust, but for owners willing to pay per capita.Do not demanding and not particularly in need of physical activity, in walks on the leash will feel comfortable.However, sometimes it wakes instinct, and they begin with an enviable stubbornness dig.In no case should not be allowed to Pinscher took over the reins of "flock," nothing good is not going to end, so it should be given clear instructions and define the place of the family.Pinscher adhere to a clear hierarchy, and does not feel any discomfort.Knowing this, you can be sure that it will not bring you trouble.Having learned pinscher, you can count on his complacent attitude towards children and cheerful disposition.

Besides positive emotions, you will receive a devoted friend, demands nothing in return, because your pet will be completely indifferent to your social status, he will never contradict and gladly execute commands.Yes, and communicate with your child pet will be a joy, in addition accustomed to responsibility, commitment and diligence.

Even the household with you feel that with the advent of a dog in your home, life has become brighter and more interesting.