Fighting breeds of dogs: they are born or made?

About fighting dogs heard, probably, all the people, all the more so in the media every now and then there are the news of the attack of a ferocious dog, such as pit bull terrier or per person.Therefore, fighting breeds of dogs cause in society a dual attitude.For example, some people find them very friendly and even the lovely creatures, while others call them bloodthirsty monsters and require to impose a ban on their breeding.

However, fighting breeds of dogs, which in addition to the above include such popular breeds like the Rottweiler, Doberman and Amstaff, with proper education no threat to society are not.By the way, statistics show that only three percent of the cases of attacks on the person of the one hundred associated with fighting breeds dogs and half the blame ordinary "dvorterery."The remaining interest is accounted for shepherds and decorative dogs.So the statement that everything fighting breeds of dogs are so aggressive that pose a direct threat to humans - is a myth.

For what is essentially fighting dogs?Clearly, these are the dogs that participate in dog fights.But it turns out that these dogs never and nowhere expressly withdrawn.

In fact, all known breeds of dogs are divided into three types - a service, hunting and decorative.And Betta, with a certain education, can be any of them.These popular and well-known breeds like bull terrier, pit bull, staffordshire terrier and Amstaff - patrons of dog fighting, were derived primarily for hunting.They had to catch up with the big game, to stop it and hold until the owner does not come up.

All these dogs have one ability - they can in the absence of the owner to make decisions independently.It is this ability and make them permanent participants of dog fights.So the expression fighting breeds of dogs - it is also a myth.For the same purpose, once brought boxers and bulldogs and even Sharpey.

Service dogs are also able to work independently, without regard for the host.Due to the fighting spirit of service breeds include the Central Asian Shepherds, Mastiffs Japanese, Argentine dogs, Rottweilers, and other service dogs and a variety of dog breeds killers, such as Dobermans, which displays as a bodyguard.

Generally, the consensus exactly which breed is considered a fighter, no: in the US - these are some rocks in Europe - other.In England in clandestine dog fights involved fox terriers and Scottish Terrier.In principle, a fighting dog can be done even from the mongrel pooch if it is aggressive.Causes aggression - two.The first reason is related to improper breeding breed, when the progeny are instances unbalanced suffering increased aggression and other undesirable traits.

And the second reason - it's the wrong maintenance and education.Some owners do not bring your dog, letting things take their course.By themselves, the dogs are not intelligent.Get at least a Staffordshire terrier.This is a very strong and sturdy dog ​​is not averse to indulge and even fight, but if it is properly raised, then to stop the mischief it would be sufficient only one word - a prohibitive command "fu".

It often happens that in the same house hold is not a big dog, but several.Then on the host is even greater responsibility for educating pupils.But time, as always, is not enough, so that our pets are orphaned.
It turns out that dogs Rumble are not born but become so in the vast majority of cases, only the fault of the owner.So, before you get a dog, you need to carefully think things through and weigh the possibilities.