Frequent eye disease in cats

cat eyes give her an opportunity to obtain basic information about the world.They are unique and quite difficult arranged system.The field of view of a cat is more than 180 degrees.The severity of her more than six times the human, allowing the cat is well to distinguish objects at a distance of a hundred meters.Do not forget about the ability to see in near darkness.

But unfortunately, eye disease in cats are frequent.One of the most common diseases are injuries that animals receive as a result of warfare.They are very dangerous, because a cat's claws are found chlamydia, which can easily penetrate through the damaged tissue in depth.In some cases, it does not help even timely access to specialists.If the infection has penetrated deep into the tissue of the cornea, it may experience a serious illness like Panophthalmitis when the eye is almost turning into an abscess.In this case the removal of the eye does not escape, well, what it does not happen very often.

eye disease in cats sometimes are spe

cific to the breed.So the Persians often occur corneal ulcers.Because of the anatomical features of the cornea is fairly loose eyelids are closed and not to the end, so the tears can not completely wash away the cornea.As a result, there are ulcers, which are closed substance in tear - and comes epinefrilom necrosis (sequestration) of the cornea.It looks like a brown spot, which grows into the cornea.

most common eye diseases cats - is conjunctivitis, which can be viral, allergic and infectious.In the treatment of this disease, it is important to establish the cause of its occurrence.It is necessary to prescribe the correct treatment.The disease is contagious, so if the house has other animals, the sick cat should be isolated.Do not forget about personal hygiene - need to carefully wash their hands after contact with sick animals.

often found in cats volvulus century - when the edges are wrapped inside.Sometimes inversion and, when the eyelid turned inside out.This animal is often squinting, conjunctiva is red, there is a strong watery eyes.Such eye diseases in cats can be congenital or result from burns, or injuries.

Some eye diseases cats can be easily cured at home.For example, if a grain of sand in my eye or any small object often enough normal washing with boiled water or strong tea, certainly not hot.But basically, if you have any eye disease in cats - treatment should appoint a veterinarian.Self-treatment without competent diagnosis can lead to disastrous results.You not only do not help your pet, but it may cause serious harm to his health.Often, the owner, beginning self-treatment to see that a significant improvement has come, it stops.But it turns out that the disease continues to progress, but in a hidden form.And when suddenly there comes a sharp deterioration, it happens that even good people can not help.

for the treatment of cats veterinary doctors prescribe eye drops, antihistamines and antibiotics and antiviral drugs that are applied topically.If the disease runs hard, then appointed pills and injections.In some cases, the eye disease in cats treated surgically.This is necessary if detected cataracts or glaucoma, severe damage as a result of injuries and others. Sometimes carried microsurgical interventions.For the prevention of diseases of the eye requires proper care and limiting contact with sick animals, especially stray.