Red-eared sliders do not eat.

Now keep in his apartment a variety of exotic animals - crocodiles, lizards, snakes, spiders, considered the highest chic ... These and other exotic animals are attracted to its uniqueness.Worldwide water are becoming popular red-eared sliders, which are bred on special farms and then sold in pet stores.They contain these animals in aquariums or terrariums.Turtles are one of the most ancient animals.Two hundred million years of their appearance has not changed.

In nature, red-eared sliders feed on animal and plant food.
To avoid errors in the content of these animals, you need to know exactly what that red-eared sliders do not eat, and that it is particularly useful.Turtle diet should be as balanced content of nutrients and calories.

If the diet is made up incorrectly - that the turtle will grow poorly.A balanced and nutritious meals krasnouhih turtles - one of the important conditions for the right content.Young turtles feed on animal food.They are good to eat earthworms and dried Daphnia, bloodwo

rms, Tubifex and Gammarus as dried and live.

Young red-eared sliders do not eat meat and fish, that is what is required to give the adult turtles.Meat is recommended to give the adults cooked or raw beef or chicken.Some meat instead prefer to feed their pets lean fish.If the food still is an oily fish, it must first hold in boiling water.Before feeding the big fish to grind, removing bones.The fine is ground together with the bones.
Turtles needed minerals and vitamins contained in the raw liver, shrimp, squid meat and larvae of various beetles, such as mealy beetle.

Some fans mistakenly believe that red-eared sliders do not eat live food, or are afraid that she will not be able to catch it yourself.But it is not.Turtles excellent catch a live feed.Experts even recommend more often to feed them live food, as thus creating conditions close to natural.

Adult turtles feed on algae, so in a separate aquarium especially need to grow plants to feed, or reptiles are pinching algae and terrarium will look sloppy.Red-eared sliders do not eat poisonous algae, for example, limnofily and Elodie.If next to the house there is a pond where you can catch the duckweed.It is possible to collect and some other plants.Instead, the algae can be given to animals lettuce or oduvanchika.S happy red-eared sliders eat a cucumber or cabbage.

The pet store turtles are sold for specific balanced feed.Feed them very handy, but you need to look at the structure and ensure that they are fresh.It's best to buy imported food, since they are more balanced, but the dry food for cats and dogs can not give bugs - they contain substances that do not meet their needs.

useful occasionally to give turtles crushed eggshells and vitamin D. Foods need to throw into the water.Giving should be so much food that it does not remain in the water, otherwise the uneaten pieces of fish or meat very quickly zagniyut and water will have to change.

krasnouhih for feeding turtles can be transplanted to another aquarium, but it's like it is not all the animals.Young turtles need to be fed once a day, and since two years - a couple of days.

Healthy turtles are always a good appetite.The reasons why not eat red-eared sliders can be different - change of diet, or it just is not hungry, or maybe she's just sick.In this case, it is necessary to show the vet immediately.Turtle can refuse to eat, and because of that was in the new environment.In this case, it just needs to be left for some time alone.