Cage guinea pig - how to make a choice

Guinea pigs - favorite pets.They are loved by children and adults, they are easy to care for and fun to play with them.When buying a serious problem - a cage for the guinea pig.Do not torture the animal, since guinea pigs like to play in nature, buy or make themselves a large comfortable house for a new member of your family.

cage for guinea pigs should be well equipped.Do not forget about the different toys, ladders and drinking bowls for the guinea pigs.From the side it seems that they are slow-moving, but it is not.Guinea pigs like to walk, so it's best to choose a cage large, especially if you do not want to release her on walks around the apartment.

wider and more cage for guinea pigs, and better the longer she will live.Before you make the cage yourself, calculate the width slightly smaller than the width of passage in your apartment.Choose a high-quality material.In no case do not put the guinea pigs in a glass jar or cardboard boxes.In the first case, the pig will not have enough air, a car

dboard strongly absorb odors, besides, she was quickly razgryzet.This also applies to cells made of wood.They likely spread of disease-causing bacteria, they quickly break down and easy to gnaw, because guinea pigs are a family of rodents.

guinea pigs better select cells with a removable top and a bottom made of plastic.This model is the most practical and convenient for most pet.Metal cells the most appropriate option.Such cells will last you throughout the entire life of the animal, they are easily cleaned and disinfected, they can be transported.Buying guinea pig cages of glass also makes sense, but it can not be washed with hot water, besides, she badly ventilated, and it is bad to breathe.

Pet shops offer a wide variety of cells in guinea pigs.They differ in shape, material cost.Who presents options for every taste and color.

cells can make their own.It is an interesting exercise, fascinating, besides, you can decorate it to your taste.Use high-quality material is not harmful to your pet.Note that the ceiling, walls and floor should not have cracks and crevices.

making cell, do not forget that it should be easy to wash and clean.Guinea pigs require careful maintenance, so the cage should be as practical.

Guinea pigs love the light, make a well lit cell.It is also better to choose a material with good air permeability.

Guinea pigs should have ample space for their livelihoods.In addition, the store offers a huge selection of different accessories and toys, which should take place in the house for pets.

cage for guinea pigs should not stand in the draft might otherwise arise diseases and problems.Another important requirement - good lighting.Guinea pigs love the light, then they are more agile and playful.It is important to take into account the temperature, it should not be below 22 degrees.This applies to humidity, make sure that it was not lower than the average.

not place the cage near a television or computer for their harmful radiation, the more loud noises.Take special table or a stool, near which you can sit in the evening and play with mumps.If there are children in the house, set the cell, so that they could not overturn it.

not spare money on the cell.Buy a small house where the pig will be able to sleep and hide, easy drinking and feeding bowls.Most clean up the house of their pigs, because it is alive and must live in a clean and tidy.

Buying guinea pig will be a real joy for the whole family.Create a comfortable environment for her, and enjoy life.