How to dress

Sometimes most beautiful women are staggering lack of taste and inability to pick up his clothes.In order to know how to dress, it is necessary first of all at least have an idea about the rules of selection of clothing, depending on the place and time of the meeting, and many other indicators.And only then to rely on your taste.

first criterion - the objectivity of self-esteem.Errors in the selection of clothing occur due to wrong assessment of his character and appearance.If girls are not confident in their natural beauty, which is given to them by nature, they have a desire to hide from the people hide nonexistent flaws.For this reason, they have problems with the selection of clothes.For information on how to dress, it is necessary to tell the ladies first.The correct order can only enhance the beauty.

First you need to concentrate on the merits of his body.Next, you need to focus on them.It may be things with short sleeves, open neck area or those that will accentuate your hips line.

But do not rush into extremes and identify those parts of the body, which in actual fact do better to hide.For example, if you are overweight, you do not need to wear a mini skirt only because it's trendy.In extreme cases, ask for help from a friend or sister to hear opinions from the outside, it may be useful to you.

How to dress according to age?The main rule is not just a selection of beautiful clothes, and the ratio of its style with age girl or woman.Agree, an elderly lady in a short skirt and top with a deep neckline will look simply inadequate.But the young girls in dresses adult lady look clumsy and ridiculous.Well, then, we select the clothes, on the basis of your age group.

The next item is the state of your soul and way of life.Selection of clothes should occur depending on what the girl during the day, where she works, how long it will have to spend on your feet.If she has to walk a lot, the high-heeled shoes do not have to take the lead in her wardrobe, and dress, restrict movement, too, would be extremely uncomfortable.

also select dress according to the time and place of the meeting.With this criterion, the problems should arise.Almost everyone knows how to dress for a hike in the restaurant, and what things to choose to walk to the grocery store.But people are different, that's why on this criteria also emphasize.

Clothing should be chosen not only for our loved ones.If you are married, it is not a reason to go home in shapeless robes and first got the things that you do not mind.Pay attention to the wishes of your loved one and sometimes even implement them.He is a pleasure, it will have more value and you will be happier.This point is very important to consider in order to maintain the relationship between spouses.

As for young people, on how to dress up a guy, first decides his mother.And depending on the mother's sense of taste, which she will plant him since adolescence, will continue to depend on the style of dress of a young man (men).Guys in this respect a little easier, there is no strict rules, so you need only focus on the upcoming event, which he is going to visit.For casual wear quite fit jeans with a T-shirt for the occasion - a suit.

learn how to learn how to dress, tell you a lot of glossy magazines.Assistants in the selection of clothing can speak my mother, sister, girlfriend or other loved one, you are willing to entrust their image.