Keratin hair restoration - feedback about the service

in large cities often have to put a lot of effort to maintain the beauty of hair.They are affected by many factors.This perm, and poor diet, and stress.All this is reflected in the hair, which thus lose their luster, strength, begin to split, to fall out.To avoid unwanted changes occurring to them, it is better to take advantage of this service as keratin hair restoration.Reviews of such a method of treatment already.That's about it and says the article.

Restoring hair with keratin

A major component of hair is keratin - fibrillar protein.It is contained in the structure of the nail, the human skin, its presence contributes to giving the strength and smoothness of hair.Keratin may be lost after coloring or highlighting, swimming in sea water or chlorinated swimming pool, after a long time spent in the sun.From a variety of factors the hair becomes dull, lost natural splendor, they become thinner and become brittle.

Scientists from Brazil found a wonderful way to help them regain a healthy appe

arance.Thanks to Latin American professionals in beauty salons offering a new service titled - keratin hair restoration, the reviews themselves masters inspire confidence.Often accompanied by a recovery of their rectification.The fact that curly hair inherently thin and weak.In this they are inferior to direct.Keratin is able to restore the structure of the hair and give it a healthy appearance.Salon treatment consists of several stages.Initially, the hair thoroughly washed with a special shampoo.They are then dried a hairdryer.Hair is divided into several sections, and means comprising keratin, is applied to the separate strands using a comb evenly distributing it.After applying means left on the hair for half an hour.After they are dried up, they are dried at low temperature hairdryer.Then, they must again combed and divided into sections.Each strand straighten using forceps-ironing.Thus, there is a straightening keratin and hair restoration.Reviews of the procedure are contained below.


Brazilians invented a method of hair restoration and acts as a remedy that can give them the strength, density.In addition, keratin is a member of a drug used for the treatment of diseases of the hair.It helps with a strong loss.When using keratin hair treatment, the effect is only positive.Hair acquire vitality, strength and shine.Natural Keratin coats the hair and the outside and inside, fills the void, and smooths out all the damage.He becomes part of the hair and gives it a healthy look.As a medical procedure used Global Keratin.After its application improves the condition of hair, they become more crumbly, not pushatsya.It reduces the time for hair styling and drying.

reviews keratin hair restoration, its advantages and disadvantages

Visitors of beauty salons are often left perplexed and disappointed, after the procedure - keratin hair restoration, reviews talk about their extreme indignation and bitterness of money spent in vain.The fact that the procedure is similar to the regular mask for the hair, gives them a result of softness, less shiny and healthy appearance.The effect is often not sustainable.Once keratin hair restoration is noted that they are less brittle.But after a few days earlier symptoms appear: confusion, weakness.

The weak effect of the above services and staff say salons.What's the problem here?The fact is that using keratin repair damaged hair, it must be remembered that it leads to a cumulative effect.The procedure is better to be repeated periodically to hair condition has changed significantly for the better.