Toys dinosaur Pleo

Pleo Dinosaur - a robot that is as close in appearance and functional characteristics to these young Camarasaurus dinosaur species.This type of dinosaur lived in the Late Jurassic period, feed on plant roughage.A distinctive feature of Camarasaurus were bulky big body and big feet who supported him.The dinosaurs of this type - herd animals, who always cared for their young.

toys dinosaur Pleo in largely inherited instincts of their real counterparts.Firstly, they also feed on coarse green leaves, which are included in the kit.Secondly, they are courageous and brave, intelligent, amorous, very cute and charming.Thirdly, they also take care of their baby.Toy dinosaur Pleo-is constantly evolving.It is quite able to replace any pet.

Children's toy dinosaur is different in that it can communicate and act as a living individual.Dinosaur Pleo is able to independently explore the surrounding world, good move and gesticulate, express any emotions.

dinosaur Pleo - it is a modern creation of uGobe.The main task of the company at development of this unique toy was the creation of interactive dinosaurs that are qualitative, interesting and, of course, available.And they got it.

toys dinosaurs through three life stages of development, which are very similar to the stages of development of any living creature.

first stage - the birth.Duration - 5-10 minutes, depending on how carefully you treat young.Once the baby is born, he opens his eyes, and immediately begins to learn the world and adapt to it.Of course, like any real baby, it is initially very slow and weak.However, if you take care of him, the development of toy-dinosaur Pleo will proceed much faster and more confident.Once the toy dinosaur Pleo-become confident in his massive legs, comes the second stage of development.

second stage - the stage of formation.Duration - 30-40 minutes.Since the baby is still very small, then he needs your constant care.During this phase, you can watch as a toy Pleo dinosaurs eat, learn to walk and learn about their environment.Help him in this, and be there at such an important period for him.

Third stage (final) - the stage of adolescence.This phase is the involvement of all processors toy dinosaur.The full artificial intelligence starts to work, it is constantly studying the reality, showing the newly acquired skills and movement.In other words, it turns into a person with their individual characteristics.From how you bring up a baby-dinosaur, it depends on how it will be.Love it, take care and pay more attention then the baby will respond to you in return.

toys dinosaurs series Pleo - the most vibrant of all the toys that have ever met in your way.If you are looking for a gift for your beloved child, then do not pass by this toy.Dinosaurs will be interesting not only for children but also their parents.