Home rat: disease

derived breeds breed rats specifically for the contents of the house.Today, some breeders are happy to deal with selection, thereby continually increasing the range of possible colors rats.Due to the fact that these animals are very unpretentious and perfectly adapted to the conditions of life, they quite easy to keep as pets.However, not enough to know only about the content of the rats in the home.There are several factors that are not less important, for example, need to be aware of what to feed pet rats, and how to cure this or that disease animal.

rat disease: how to identify and what to do?

Home rat disease may be very different and should be able to identify them.The first sign of the health of pet - good appetite.Other important factors include the activity of the animal, shiny and smooth hair.If the rat is not one of these symptoms, the first thing that you need to take - to take care of her diet.Food should always be fresh, and it is best to give your pet only his favorite foods.In addition

, it is necessary to create a pet a warm place in which he would have felt protected and could rest comfortably.If the condition of the animal greatly disturbing, you should immediately contact your veterinarian.

kinds of diseases rats

Home rat disease can be varied, as already mentioned.Consider the most common ailments of the pet.

disease is quite dangerous animal if it is swallowed worm parasite.In such cases, there is a strong weakening of the body, as well as rat difficult to chew and swallow food.Also weakening of the body can be caused by the presence of bedbugs, fleas or mites.It is very easily transmitted infections.Ticks usually "settle" on the ears, the nose and tail.These places have animal very itchy and he comb them, sometimes even to the blood, and each time by scratching the wound increases.In such cases, the animals lose weight very much and completely refuse to eat.

domestic rat may have diseases associated with fungal infections, which bring her no less suffering than the various parasites.The skin on the affected area begins to peel off, which is why the epidermis significantly coarsens.It should be noted that there are rats and such fungal diseases for which there are no symptoms.Therefore, when suspicious behavior or physical condition of the animal it is necessary to consult specialists.

very much prevalent viral disease in rats.In young rats droppings characterized by diarrhea with a yellow tinge, and there is a strong weakening of the animal.In addition, sometimes there are deaths after such diseases.The worst domestic rat disease in this category may be associated with pneumonia.For example, enzootic pneumonia almost never in the rat is not cured, and the animals are dying from this disease.

not pass unnoticed and bacterial diseases.For example, infectious pneumonia occurs in debilitated animals, and it is characterized by symptoms such as fever, disheveled hair, and after them runny nose and cough.Bacteriosis causes a weakening of the animal, wool becomes disheveled and falls, as well as rodent very thin.If the animal is suffering from salmonellosis, he has sharply increased temperature, appetite disappears and there are vomiting and diarrhea.The disease is incurable.

negatively on the status of an animal can affect the lack of food.Intestinal disorders and appetite loss can result from a lack of nutrients.

These are the most common diseases found in domestic rats, but, as already mentioned, they suffer rodents are rare.