Cystitis in cats: treatment and prevention

our pets, like people, are susceptible to disease.It concerns and cats.And one of the diseases that can affect our furry friend is cystitis.The disease is expressed in inflammation of the bladder and manifests itself in several forms.Cystitis can be idiopathic.Typically, the reasons for it can not be established.Maybe bacterial who suffer mostly adult cats.The reason for this form of the disease is the bacteria from the digestive tract that during discharge accumulate in the bladder.

detect this disease in cats is possible by symptoms such as frequent and difficult urination, blood in the urine, and the peculiar smell of faeces.If such symptoms are found, then there is feline cystitis.Treatment then we must begin immediately.This applies especially to cats.They urinary tract longer, and it may be a mucus plug.And it may even lead to the death of your cat.

In any case you should contact your veterinarian.He will have all the necessary diagnostic tests.This urine and blood as well as ultrasound exami

nation.The results of these analyzes will be developed and treatment regimen cystitis.Vet need to tell the "inside story" of your cat or cats.He must know what are the symptoms and when they began to appear as a cat eat and drink, she does not lose weight, and the like.Urinalysis may show how it leukocytes, erythrocytes or crystals.And if you show up in the urine of a high level of alkalis, it means that the cat has a urinary tract infection, that is, she bacterial cystitis.

When the diagnosis is established and there is evidence?that cystitis in cats, treatment should begin immediately.Otherwise, the disease can develop into a chronic disease.To start an animal need to organize a "bed rest."That is to prepare him a warm cloth and less disturb him.Furthermore - to give him medications exactly as prescribed by your veterinarian.To suppress conditionally pathogenic flora cat appoint reception nitrofurans and antibiotics.When pain or strong cramps appointed painkillers and antispasmodic drugs.And with diuretics can be removed from the bladder inflammation products.Sometimes, heavy cystitis in cats.Treatment then conducted more intensive methods.It can be flushing the bladder via antiseptic solutions.These include furatsilin, penicillin solution and potassium permanganate.

causes of this disease may be different.For example, the defeat of worms also cause cystitis in cats.Treatment then performed using anthelmintic drugs.And if it is the result of diseases of the genitourinary system, then you may need the intervention of the surgeon.

If during illness the cat did not have any complications, then the faster the recovery.In other cases it is necessary to conduct a very unpleasant for the animal procedure.Its essence is as follows: the cat is cauterized and catheter, and with the help of a fence made of urine.And though all these procedures are not very pleasant, treat your cat is still necessary.Otherwise, under unfavorable circumstances can occur death.

But that was not shown cystitis in cats, treatment of which is difficult, it is necessary to carry out its prevention.To do this, you must make sure that the animal does not supercool, and that the room was not draft.It is necessary to promptly identify and treat inflammatory and infectious diseases, as well as endometritis and vaginitis.It is necessary to ensure that animal-balanced menu, which will be less dry food.Treat for a cat is only clean water.And, of course, regular checkups at the vet, and good care can help your pet live a long life by his standards.