Rabies in dogs: Symptoms and signs

Almost every family sooner or later, there is a pet.Whether it is a cat or a dog, a parrot, canary or some other rodent, or maybe even spiders, snakes or bugs.Everyone has their own preferences, but all are united by one desire of owners: create your pet as safe conditions and maintain their health.Undoubtedly, the most common pets considered cats and dogs.Unfortunately, very often they lie in wait for a variety of threats, such as rabies in dogs, sympto

ms of which the owners are simply obliged to know.

general rabies is considered one of the most dangerous diseases.It is caused by a virus that attacks the central nervous system of the patient.Typically, the resulting animal dies.The most unpleasant fact is that each of the warm-blooded fauna are at risk and can become infected.It is also prone to infection and people.The most common rabies virus affects young animals, which at the time were not protected.

host to avoid infection from your pet, you should know how to manifest rabies in dogs, symptoms and signs of infected cats or other animals, because they are dangerous.As a rule, a favorite may become infected from a sick wild or homeless animals.Most often the virus is transmitted through saliva when any contact.Rabies in dogs, whose symptoms begin to appear immediately, but after a while after the defeat of the virus poses a great threat to society.The incubation period of the disease can last from two weeks to several months.

Rabies in dogs, symptoms of its manifestation depend, as a rule, on the form of the disease.There are violent (aggressive), paralytic (quiet), and the return abortive species.The aggressive form consists of three stages.The first lasts about four days and during this period there are changes in the behavior of the animal - namely, unsociable or, on the contrary, excessive sociability.Then comes the second stage, at which the pet is overexcited, with great fury missing items, and can bite the owner.Within two or three days in the animal there is paralysis of the larynx, accompanied by a hoarse bark.It is also developing a squint, there comes a strong salivation and vomiting.In the next three days (the last stage) of the pet paralyzes limbs and he dies.In general, the duration of the disease is around ten days.

Paralytic much shorter.It lasts no more than five days and is characterized by the complete absence of any aggression with the rapid development of the paralysis of the muscles of the pharynx and mandible, as well as the hind legs.Liberally drools, the animal is very difficult to swallow anything.When traveling, it is usually markedly unsteady.

When abortive form of rabies in pets experience typical symptoms of the disease, but there is a considerable chance of recovery.Unfortunately, this form of the disease is quite rare.

Return or remitting form of the disease is characterized by the fact that at a certain stage of the disease seems to be going away.But it is only at first glance.In fact, it decays over time, and then back again.Typically, breaks are a few days or weeks.Such attacks may be a few, but most often no more than three.

There is also the atypical form of occurrence of rabies.The disease in this case takes several months, and the infected pet suffers from various problems with the gastrointestinal tract.To diagnose the disease with such symptoms is very difficult, moreover, at this stage there is no form of strong agitation and aggression animal.