Women's knitted hats as a stylish accessory

A few decades ago, caps could be divided into three types: Winter fur, demi felt beret or panama hats and summer sun.Special variety of models were not, and fur hats, because of its high cost and high wear resistance, generally handed down from generation to generation, until all the fur is not erased.But, over time, knitted hats, and they took the strongest position among the hats for all seasons.Today's "nodding" the market offers many models of caps, which are beautiful and comfortable, and affordable.

greatest demand enjoy hats among young people who always wants to be stylish and fashionable.Of course, the most ardent lovers of all kinds of hats - a girl and a woman, all the forces seeking to emphasize their unique image of a bright accessory.Women's knitted hats can be warm in winter, and thin delicate for the summer period, with "ears", and with a peak, and with pom-poms - everyone chooses what she liked.The most zealous ladies are quite capable to choose their headdress, which would fit the de

finition of outfit, thereby scoring his wardrobe dozens wide variety of caps.And it's not bad, because stylish cap is able to give its possessor even more glamor and charm.

example, crocheted hats for women are very nice.If you buy a hat or tie for the summer, it will not only emphasize the femininity, but also protect your hair from the cruel sun.These caps are usually made of natural thin knitted yarn, such as cotton, linen or mixed, although, of course, even in the most natural fibers are now added a number of artificial or synthetic.Decorate your hat intricate flower - and the success with the opposite sex is provided to you.And how could it be otherwise?After all, you're so charming and romantic!

Winter hats (knitted women) are made from thicker yarn, wool often, also with the addition of artificial fibers, allowing headdress long retain its shape even after a large number of washes.Often these caps do bilayer that even in the most severe frosts head was warm.Very worthy look with knitted hats scarves and gloves or mittens, related as well as headgear.

What else is good knitted hats for women?And the fact that they, unlike the fur, it is possible, if necessary, folded and hidden in a bag.They are very compact and do not occupy much space and not lose their shape.Besides, they do not require special storage conditions, in contrast to the same Arctic Fox, mink and fox.And knitted hat is easy to wash and dry quickly, but not so on the fur, which requires regular cleaning.Yes, and in a dark alley knitted cap with you, no one will lift, but it is black humor.

Also today, as all sorts of schemes proposed that women's knitted hats crochet weave will have no difficulty.If you like the spokes, they can also be knit at least excellent products.Crafts now in vogue, especially knitting, because the thing to create with their own hands - it means not to be like anyone else.Agree, an exclusive piece of clothing will never be over, and if he made high quality, then you need to be ready to inquiries about where and how much is taken.But of course you for anything and never uncover "fish places" and their own secrets.Although, if you're a real expert, knit hats handmade women may well be a very profitable business.Tie exclusive hat as a gift to his girlfriend - and she will lead you to a crowd of his friends, who also dream to look stylish as well, perhaps even extravagant.