How to spin a spike: Learning in stages

We all know from childhood expression "long braid - a girlish beauty," we remember that the boys, wanting to express their sympathy for the girls, twitch their pigtails.Spit - a hairstyle that people have learned to weave many years ago and that hardly ever goes out of fashion.There are many different ways of braiding: afrokosy, "dragons", the fishtail and French braids, baskets, etc.Today let's talk about how to spin a spike.

First we need a well-combed hair.If hair is matted, the strands separate from each other will be much harder.And even if you know how to spin a pigtail-spike and you know how to do it on the matted hair hairstyle will look messy and ugly.

Take three strands of hair at the very top of the head, weave them once together, as you do when creating a normal braid.Then alternately add the thin strands of the left and right to the existing main strands.Thus all the hair will soon become part of this complex structure.The decoration of hairstyle can serve as hairpins, hair clips and i

nvisible tape.If your intention is to weave the ribbon in her hair, the first turn of tape around the spit should be at its very foundation.For the prom or a wedding celebration suitable hairstyle decorated with beads of pearls.

Besides the traditional version hairstyles, which is woven from top to bottom, is now common custom of her options.Next, let's talk about how to learn to spin a spike, going from the bottom up and braid around the head.

to create asymmetrical hairstyles and unbanal can throw the model's hair on the face and take three locks at the bottom of the head.They should also cross each other, as usual intersecting the main upper.Then rise to the structure from the bottom up, each time inserting additional locks on the sides.In general, all the same, only in reverse.When coma comes to the crown, continue to weave its usual scenario.The result will surprise you very much: first pigtail goes up to the head and then falls down.

can try to do spike with a bias to one side.Take three strands is not in the middle of the head, and left or right.After adding the hair on the side, which left them more to each of the three main strands alternately.That little piece of hair that remained on the other side, can be either added to the queue at any of the stages of work with the hairstyle, or left plain falling locks.In the latter case it curl curling to the image looked finished.

Want to learn how to spin a spike-like artificial plait Ukrainian diva Tymoshenko?This is the same braid, hair only added to the main strands of the circle.This hairstyle is often called baskets, because weaving hair resembles in appearance a wicker basket.Baskets are often not involve all of the hair, and only a thin strand.In this case, it turns out that the braid encircles flowing hair girl.End pigtails secured invisible or normal hairpins.The number of envelopes the head of braids can be different.One, two or five?Up to you!In this regard, the best advisor you will not be hairdressers and instructions, and your own imagination and sense of style.

If your hair is not long enough and not enough to go around the entire head, do polukolosok.If you know how to spin a spike, then polukolosok will not be a problem for you.Technique of weaving them one and the same.If your hair is thick and thick, experiment with options of five or seven major strands, and you get a wide, three-dimensional braid on one side and a beautifully styled hair with the other.When connecting polukoloska the rest of the hair can not use pins, clips and large they will look brighter and more spectacular!

Now you know how to spin a spike and can please friends for his ability!