Henna Hair Coloring

In stores now worth a lot of different hair colors, and we are so used to them that absolutely have scored such a possibility as hair coloring Henna.Henna - a natural natural dye, which in addition to giving the hair color and even caring for them.And caring so well that now there is a colorless henna, which can be used as a mask for hair and those who are not going to change the image.

What's so special?Henna strengthens the hair perfectly, prevents dandruff, visually increases the volume of hair and even protects them from UV rays.Agree, the list is impressive.And, of course, henna hair color changes, it gives them a red color.The intensity of the color depends on various factors, including the natural color of hair and how long you'll keep it on the hair.

hair coloring Henna also convenient because it is very resistant dye and re-staining is not necessary to process the entire surface of the hair, it is enough to walk on the roots.This lets you save time.

But there she and minuses.So the proble

m may be after henna hair coloring.The fact that it is easy to enter into chemical reactions with other components of the ink, and to predict what the result will turn the color of the hair, it is impossible.So we have to wait until the henna dyed hair grow back completely.

henna hair coloring matter is quite troublesome, but it is quite feasible in the home, even without assistance.First you need to paint a strand test to determine the time required for painting.Rinse off with her henna need in that time, which is recommended on the package.And, depending on the result, we can roughly estimate the time: less than or more than is necessary to leave the henna on the hair.

Now directly on painting technology.For medium length hair require about 3 bags of henna.Their contents are poured into an enamel or plastic bowl and pour hot water and stir.Heat enhances the effect of the dye.When the mass podostynet bit, it is possible to add an egg yolk.It will facilitate the application process, as well as strengthen the scalp.

Apply henna to clean, damp hair and prochёsannye.They are divided into strands, a thickness of 1 - 1.5 cm and thoroughly coat with the mix from the roots to the tips.Do not skimp henna hair spread all the resulting slurry.Then put on the head of a plastic bag or cellophane cap and Wrap it with a towel.It is necessary to retain heat, which, as we know, enhances coloring properties of henna.

After the required time, carefully wash off the henna.Balsam helps clean up all the small blade of grass.But it is not necessary to use shampoo, unless you think the resulting color is too bright.In the first few days Henna gradually washed off, and the color becomes less bright.To keep the shade of hair washing is better to refrain Day 3.

Henna, produced in different places, it gives different shades.The most widely used is the Iranian henna.To further increase the number of options to help other natural dyes.One of the most popular supplements - Basma.How to dye your hair with henna and basma?The process is almost indistinguishable from that described above.It is only important to choose the correct proportions.It makes it difficult, and the first time it makes sense to use the services of an experienced master.

sometimes added to henna coffee.As Basma, this combination provides a darker, almost chocolate color hair.However, the proportion will also have to install yourself, because a lot depends on the natural hair color and individual susceptibility to dyes.

As you can see, hair coloring Henna - a great option for those who like red hair.Especially when you consider its low cost.

lasting, economical, useful for hair - what do you need for happiness?