Secrets of your style or cut bangs

It's no secret that if you bang - the main component of your hair, then with the question of "how to cut your bangs" you face quite often.Thus, it turns out that is the foundation of your image, and combined with impeccable styling you get a great mood and a stunning appearance.It's no secret that many women and girls just love to spend all kinds of experiments with style.Of course, those girls, in which there is a fringe hairstyles are well aware that sometimes it may bring some inconvenience due placement.Also, it often can "climb" in the eyes, but in spite of all these little girls are well aware that it is part of their personal style.There is nothing you can do about it.You just have to accept and decide how to cut bangs.

Currently, stylists and fashion magazines offer girls a huge selection of all sorts of options for haircuts with bangs.However, before deciding how to cut bangs, will understand what all they are.

First of all, there is a universal long straight bangs, which will fit almost a

ll girls and women.And it does not matter what shape your face is, as such fringe make it proportional and graceful.You can also make a short cut, but you have to consider that in this case you run the risk of stress that you have a large forehead or cheekbone large face, if any.Another option - a slanting bang (right - left and vice versa).However, here too there are some features.If you are the owner of wavy or curly hair, your best bet is to avoid this hairstyle.Of course, any option bang when curly hair is cumbersome because you have to be prepared for the fact that every morning you will have to straighten it, stow.So, having decided on this step, be patient.

Of course, it is difficult to list all the available options, because now the fashion and style do not stand still, and every day brings something new.So if your hairdresser can not offer you the model that you see in a magazine or on TV, do not worry.You can easily explain to him what you want, or even better - to show the image with the name of the hair, which you so long dreamed of.That's the solution to the problem "how to cut bangs."

Now you know what is right for you.And if you decide to create such an image now, it is useful to you some tips on how to cut your bangs at home.First of all, remember that in any case it should not be wet.Indeed, in such a case, you risk miscalculate the desired length.Also, do not pull much hair, so how can you mess up a hairstyle and do not get the desired shape as a result.And now all the steps.

comb the bangs to start, remove the rest of the hair back (it is best to tie them in a ponytail).Now you can start the most important thing.If you want to make a classic straight bangs, do not forget that the scissors should always go horizontally.To make a ragged shape, tilt the scissors vertically and make small incisions along the diagonal.Of course, nobody can forbid you to stick to its own methods, just remember these small but very useful advice.After all, you never have to regret what you have done.

Thus, considering all possible options, now you can easily choose how to cut bangs for you.Let this issue will no longer be an insoluble problem for you, or a headache.Enjoy yourself and your new image.Be always just irresistible and perfectly beautiful!