How to become beautiful or what color to paint the hair

It's no secret that every girl has always wanted to be beautiful, attractive and unforgettable for others, and, of course, stunningly stylish.And who would deny the fact that it is a beautiful, shiny hair give the image of any woman's unprecedented appeal, uniqueness and sophistication.Currently, make your hair beautiful and well-maintained you can help all kinds of shampoos, oils, masks and many other cosmetics.But to make your hair bright, you will need to paint or some hair tonic.When it was decided to slightly change its image, the case is easy: choose what color to paint the hair.

First of all, you need to decide what color the hair, as this depends on how bright they are, and how long will this effect.That is why if you just want to refresh your natural hair color, it is best to give preference to a special tonic.So, with their help, you will not change dramatically, but, nevertheless, your hair will look brighter and livelier.However, the main disadvantage of such means is that the amount of th

e dye compounds is minimized, and therefore this effect will last very long, compared with the special colors.But if you want to save the resulting long hair color, here you just can not do without chemical dyes.To date, the choice of colors is huge, and you can easily choose something for themselves.

So back to the main question, the answer to which want to get hundreds or even thousands of women around the world, namely: what color to paint the hair.To do this, you need to determine what color type you are.But do not forget that an important role in the choice of playing your skin tone.After all, if you pick up quite right color for painting, then a new image only decorate you make attractive and sexy.Whereas if you, on the contrary, can not guess from the tone, then you run the risk of stress are some disadvantages of your skin.You also run the risk of added to his real age a few years.

At present, it is assumed that there are only four color types, namely "Winter", "Spring", "Summer" and "Autumn".And for each fit their colors in any case not be combined with other types of color.Of course, you can rid yourself of these searches and just pass a special test, what color to paint the hair.

If you have a color type "spring", it is best to give preference to color light brown shade, can honey or golden shimmer, for girls of this type is characterized by a light color eyes and a light shade of natural hair.And in any case should not be painted in cool colors: white, silver.If your type - "Summer", then all the light shades up to platinum just for you.Under your blue or light gray eyes new hairstyle will suit a hundred percent.But what color to dye your hair, if you belong to tsvetotipu "fall"?In this case, your option - it's bright or burning tone from dark to light brown and even a bright red color.There should not be afraid to experiment.The girl with a color type "Winter" is best to give preference to the darkest tones, you can even black, it's really your choice.Just remember that the color should be chosen to suit you and internally, so you always feel comfortable.

Thus, if you follow all these rules, you will certainly easily decide what color to paint the hair, and tomorrow for you to start a completely new life, full of surprises, and who knows, it may change the image dramatically affect yourlife, career and destiny.