How to braid spike

today hairstyle "KOLOSOK" different from its progenitor - a simple lace braids - a great variety of weaving techniques and variations pilings themselves braids and curls free.

able to braid spike due every girl, even if she is not a fan of this hairstyle.Sometimes there are situations where this variant installation can be a real salvation: you will achieve the dual purpose - will remove hair and prevent create a romantic image.These hairstyles are essential when there is no time to create complex pilings, and do not need to look like in everyday life.

As braid spike in classical performance

First you need to prepare a hair tonic treating them with care so that they are neat, obedient and not decayed.Begin braiding can be directly from the hairline on the forehead, and it is possible to deviate from her sentiment ten.In the center of the head is separated wide central strand of hair.From it begins totter regular braid of three strands, but made only one cycle of weaving: central lock once overl

aps with the side (first to the right, then to the left).

Next netting will be different from a simple braid, because it will be added to the side strands left in advance by both sides.Cross in the center each subsequent lateral strand, add to it the strands of the side sectors: the right strand - from the temporal area on the right, to the left, respectively - on the left.Continue braiding to the neck.To strands without distracting from the main spit, well pull them along the netting and smooth with your fingers, and only then woven into the hair.Secure the ear of a clip or rubber band.

As the braid around the head spike

need to start weaving in the right temple and steered the scythe down, driving her around to the left temple, and then continue to weave around the face.Additional locks to the queue can be taken as both sides of the spit, and only one (outdoor).The thinner the strands take the more elegant hairstyle will.

As braid spike "zigzag»

to spit turned in a zigzag form of scrap, it must begin to weave a little above the right ear and the left driving braid adding extra locks at first only to the right side.Make five crossings, then turn to the opposite side netting (right) and make five more crossings, adding additional strands to the left side braids.Makes a bend until until the end of the length of the hair.

As braid spike, inside-out

Contact French braid look more expressive and bright.She weaves exactly on the same principle as a classic, but the strands do not overlap each other and enclose the bottom.So spit becomes convex relief.

As braid spike effect volume

«disheveled spike" is also created from the classic French braid.From braided spikelets fixed rubber band, you need starting from the bottom, from the clamp, to begin pulling part pryadok weakening weaving.It is important not to weaken the scythe itself, but only part of the strands, a little stretching them to the side of the main spikelets.So it can give handsome amount, making a wide and filigree.

How spike braid "fishtail»

hair divided into two vertical parting.On one (any) party takes a little lock and spreads over all of the hair to the opposite half.Next step is repeated with respect to the other half of the hair of the mirror.Similarly, all braided strands braid sealed decorative clip.

braid spike is not difficult, however, to achieve the perfect hairstyle, you first have to work out.Skill is developed at once, but you can learn to create any installation with ears of corn in a few minutes.