When you can cut hair, it is better to entrust this procedure - a little of everything

Haircut - is not only aesthetically pleasing way to care for hair and craze.According to our ancestors, sostrig hair, you can change their destiny or health as the better, and the negative side.It is believed that hair is directly related to our bioenergy and people who touch them, could cause her irreparable harm.

There are many ways to avoid the negative impact, and even, on the contrary, not only to improve the condition of hair, but the whole of your life.Therefore it is very important to know when to cut their hair, and when - it is impossible, to trust his hairstyle, and a wizard should be avoided.

Rule, which is perhaps the most important - it does not trust your hair it is not clear to whom it may adversely affect the biological field.You must select a pleasant and cheerful hairdresser who will charge the hair and cure positive energy from negative.

also important not to cut his hair himself.After all, if a person has a bad aura, it can do only harm himself.

The third condition is that yo

u need to be sure to choose a hairdresser same sex.Otherwise the power of the opposite sex may particularly impair privacy.

now should take into account the fact that you can cut hair.It is believed that after the haircut to the growing moon, a man grows gorgeous hair.

But haircut when descending the lunar cycle, not everyone is contraindicated.For example, do not like the confused, dropping out, unruly locks, wants to change its image.When it is possible to cut hair in this case?The answer is clear - a hike to the hairdresser to waning moon perfectly suited to these people.Of course, it should be noted that the recovery of growth may take a longer time than before.

answer to the question, when you can get a haircut, so as not to harm their health, will deal with the so-called "Satan's days."They are calculated according to the lunar calendar and match days, which fall on the ninth, fifteenth, twenty-third and twenty-ninth number.Man, mindlessly related to when you can cut hair, and when to beware, can greatly hurt yourself, for a haircut in the "Day of Satan" can lead to serious diseases of the whole organism.

very important for the manipulation of the hair and days of the week.For coloring hair is perfect Monday.Pruning in this day will also help to get rid of negative emotions and solve the accumulated problems.

people who do not have enough activity in life should do her hair Tuesday.Going to the barber shop on Wednesday will bring novelty into your life and help develop communication skills.Popularity, luck and prosperity will bring Thursday.But Friday can dramatically change the appearance, so you should be careful if you change to anything.

Saturday - the day of the health for your hair, and in addition a haircut on this day is able to clean the karma.Finally, the day when the haircut is not necessary to completely ruin the fate and luck - this Sunday.

also astrologers advised to postpone the trip to the hairdresser on the new moon.Indeed it can lead to a shortening of life.But for those who do not like excess facial hair, July 18 it is possible to get rid of the overgrown eyebrows or mustache.After manipulation of the unwanted vegetation in the day it will be gone forever.

also very important first haircut man.To the rest of the life of man happy about his hair and baldness bothered, you need to cut the baby in the growing moon.And shaving head nalyso child does not always lead to the desired effect.Often, the hair does not become stronger and thicker, and not change their properties: curly suddenly changed to straight, dark - on light, soft and obedient - in the stubborn "hedgehog."

Doctors believe that the shaving head machine in childhood even harmful, because you can damage the frail hair onions.And the nervous system of the baby, such a procedure has not the best influence: the children are afraid of grinding machines, they hurt when she whips out some hairs.It is best to use ordinary scissors.And to strengthen the roots, there are many different masks painless plant.