White hair, or how to become a blonde?

myriad of jokes about blonde fairies never discourage hunting to be a blonde.Amazingly - rapid changes in fashion does not affect the white hair: it is popular for decades.

Change will change the color scheme and image, so painting - a move very, very brave.And fit white hair is not all.And the responsibility for perfection in appearance generally blondes are much greater.But it's not only that.Being a blonde can not every (unless, of course, the vulgarity - not a goal).

1. It is necessary to take into account what your skin.Ideal white hair suited only to owners of the porcelain skin, very fair.In addition, cosmetic defects (pimples, scars, etc..) To emphasize the fact that so hard to hide.

2. The color of the eyes.Ideally it must be either gray or blue.Brown eyes and white hair just do not mix.It is unnatural.

3. The shape of the face.Ate you have it oval - experiment.In other cases, you need to consider each image separately.By the way, for it created a special program.Enough of your photo,

which is entered into the computer, and in a few minutes you can already see the new image.It is worth noting: a round face blonde will visually enlarge.

Most artificial blondes sick theme is yellowing, which appears after staining.It is better to consult with a knowledgeable hairdresser and evaluate the quality shag before painting.Damaged hair can be colored spots, uneven.When inflammation and sores on the scalp bleaching is generally better not to.The unpredictable effect you get on an already stained before hair.The procedure is not carried out immediately after the wave of (at least two weeks).

How to paint hair white?

Let's start with the fact that prior to this head do not wash.The first step in the color of a lightening.Hair divided into two parts: from one ear to the other (the first parting) and from the forehead to the neck (second parting).

agent is applied first to the occipital area, as lighting in the area is longer.Then we continue to have on hair partings.On the hair at the temples and forehead composition is applied as a last resort because they are clarified faster than in all other areas.If you want to achieve a uniform color, apply a means of quickly.On the uniformity of clarification affects the structure of hair, their density, thickness: the thicker and thicker it is, the thinner strand do.Saturate each hair must be, otherwise it may manifest yellowish color.

If your hair is clarified for the first time, the product is applied first on themselves, and then later (about twenty minutes) on the roots.Repeat procedure requires reverse action: first the roots, and after - the hair.The frequency of these lightening will depend on how quickly they grow back.Someone enough times a month, someone to do it more often.

Some hair dyes can replace the lighting, and some due to the shades to hide the yellowing and give a more natural appearance.But we need a master board.

One clarification is usually not enough.After painting sure to use a toning shampoo (not tonic, not to be confused), which is mixed with any other shampoo and applied to the head, kept a couple of minutes and washed off.Do not overdo or you will get a different color (usually ash-gray or pale blue).Over time, experiment with shades, but for beginners it is better not to risk it.

When the white hair will fade, or will have an effect yellowing, again, use the coloring shampoo.In general, this should be done every quarter (or even third) wash hair.

Remember that the darker your hair, the more difficult to deal with yellowness.Have patience and try!