Mowing boxing - classic for any hair

Grooming in its meaning should express reliability, modernity and seriousness.Any one of them is not always perceived as a separate hair, and in conjunction with clothes, face, demeanor, figure.

choosing a haircut, should take into account all: career, lifestyle, fashion trends.It must be practical and comfortable, because men are very rarely allow themselves to do styling.Good, proper haircut should hide facial imperfections: low or high forehead, small chin, long nose, located close eye;to make the face look fresh and young.

Most modern men take care of their hair.However, the main criteria for care - clean, orderly and successful haircut.If hairstyle decorated with taste, it will give a man of elegance, confidence.Most representatives of the stronger sex are conservative, so they do not welcome pretentiousness.Naturalness and simplicity - the main points in the men's hairstyle.That haircut "box" is a classic for any type of short hair.

Grooming "on the box" without major problems can be done at

home, but it's better to visit the barber shop, where an experienced stylist professionally and quickly result in the order of your head.

This haircut "box" is most suitable?First, young people head regular shape.The short length of hair will be quite a good choice for skin prone to fat content and therefore require frequent washing.Another little thing: to dark blond hair, this hairstyle will look much neater, because the scalp in such a case would not be visible through a thin layer of light hair.

Haircut "boxing" definitely not suitable for men who have defects (even small) on the scalp - for example, the scars that are not very much like to put everything on display.

Haircut "box" - machinery

Volos, which must be reduced "to zero" in this shaped haircuts, is slightly higher than in the "poluboks", and often separates the temporal and occipital areas of the hair from the head.

What you should know:

- edging is carried out on the most convex places;

- it runs along the circumference of the head, starting from the midway of the occipital ridge and going to the left;

- border on auricles should be in any case not higher than (not more) centimeters from the top boundary line of hair growth;

- and the right and left sides of the head necessarily treated equally;

- edging vary depending on the shape of the head available, from various deviations from the norm;

- temporal hollows that stand out, smoothed line edging low and temporal convexity more masked when edging made under the occipital protuberance.

to burning brunettes the width of the transition can not be less than 5 cm, Brown - 4 cm for blondes with lush, thick hair - up to 3 cm.

"Boxing" (haircut): its stages are as following:

1) pre-hair is washed and slightly dried;

2) do edging on all, without exception, head circumference;

3) then the hair shaved off or trimmed.And when using the machine, in an upward direction until the border line;

4) then the hair is removed to nothing: a razor to shave the hair reduced oblique direction with respect to the fine line shading;

5) is treated with parietal part of the hair thinning or "haircut on his fingers."

Haircut "boxing" in the modern world - the choice of many celebrities.In recent years a marked trend can be traced to the dominance it short haircuts.But it should be remembered that now in vogue, many styles, but to choose a hairstyle man should be one that will emphasize the best qualities of his face and, in general, the whole look.Only then will it complement the whole image.