Gabardine - fabric sverhfunktsionalnaya

One of the most popular materials for today - gabardine - was not the invention of high fashion, it was created for farmers.It was invented by Thomas Burberry to protect workers from the rural labor to bad weather.It's funny that now gabardine fabric used for sewing trousers, skirts, suits.It is used in the design of dining as fabric for curtains, tablecloths.Some sewing enterprises are made of gabardine clothing for health workers, law enforcement officers and others.Of course, gabardine - a fabric, which may be formed from fibers of different origin.It was originally conceived as cotton and woolen material, natural.However, many fabrics from Italy and other leading manufacturers come with the addition of synthetic fibers such as polyester.

This makes the fabric nemnuscheysya, flexible, strong.In addition, synthetic fibers give the fabric a characteristic luster.Now popular gabardine as a fully synthetic type, and mixed (polyester wool plus additives).Calling a particular fabric gabardine, we are o

n a typical weaving of fibers and a special water-repellent.Weaving is called tvillovogo and is considered one of the most durable.

Its characteristic feature is smooth and the wrong side of the diagonal scar on the face.This type of weaving invented gabardine created.Thomas Burberry has decided to name the new material Ā«gabardineĀ» by name medieval royal robes.Since invented gabardine - a fabric very sturdy, it was used for sewing warm clothing for polar expeditions of Amundsen in 1911!

Later the military in the fields of the First World war in the form of gabardine.This is a pure merit Burberry, which brought this story to the world level.He was found as one of the waterproof material.Modern colors gabardine represented in many shades, but in the past it was made mainly in blue, gray and orange.

assortment in stores gabardine fabric surprises the buyer because it is presented not only in different colors, different thickness and different qualities.

At the present stage of development of production gabardine materials - fabric, from which you can sew a warm coat, a light suit, windproof coat, overalls, as well as arrange and decorate the room for the festivities.Gabardine natural fiber is more expensive than the synthetic, these factors form the final price of the finished product.How to look for products made from gabardine?Since gabardine - a fabric which can be made of natural fibers depends on the choice of the mode of washing and drying.Wool gabardine to be dry-cleaned or hand-washing with the wrong side.Natural drying is recommended.As tissue is completely manufactured of synthetic fibers, it can be washed in the machine, but at a temperature less than 40 degrees.When ironing gabardine be used gauze to the fibers on the front side is not bright.