Ringworm in cats should be treated in a timely manner

Ringworm in cats is a fairly frequent occurrence.He has a fungal nature, and affects not only the skin, but also animal hair and nails.The fame of this disease is the fact that a person can quite easily become infected.However, the possible infection of cats from sick people.Infection can occur through the soil, as well as items that come into contact with the affected animal ringworm.It should be remembered that the fungal spores remain viable a few years.

Ringworm in cats can appear anywhere, but it often affects the ears, tail, legs and muzzle.The incubation period can vary from 2 days to several months.Then there are the small size of the spot on which the hair is missing or broken off.At the beginning of the disease are a little noticeable, particularly difficult to see their animals with long hair.But the disease is progressing quickly enough, and soon spots will start to increase in size, and the number is growing.At such sites, there is reddening of the skin, and it is covered with scales and

crusts.Then there is itching, which is worried about the cat, and she tries to lick them and comb.Such behavior of the animal should not be allowed, because that way there is a further spread of depriving.

Ringworm in cats is often in poor nutrition, constant stress, diseases that reduce the effectiveness of the immune system, cancers, as well as in the treatment of immunosuppressive agents.Some animals have a high resistance to such infections.Other carriers are, but any clinical signs depriving them is observed.

Ringworm in cats is superficial, deep and atypical.The clinical manifestations of this disease are quite diverse, and self-correct diagnosis is very difficult.Besides zoster it has similarities with certain other skin diseases.So you need to contact the veterinary clinic where a specialist can perform these diagnostic tests: to take blood and urine tests, hair under a microscope to investigate and carry out planting.Based on these results and will put an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

attentive host immediately notice if his favorite ill.But immediately the question arises: what to treat ringworm in cats?Currently, there are many specially developed antibiotics and ointments, which allow you to quickly and effectively deal with ringworm.Although recently such animals euthanized simply because there was no effective drugs, and the cat was the source of infection.

During treatment, the cat should be isolated.To prevent re-infection, disinfect all items used by the sick animal, and it's not particularly necessary things should be destroyed.Treatment should be subjected not only to the room in which the cat, but the rest of the room.People who are in contact with it, you need to comply strictly with all the rules of personal hygiene.If a person has a weak immune system, it should avoid contact with sick animals.

If shingles is found in cats, treatment should not be performed independently.So it is possible to harm the health of your pet, and significant.Many people believe that cats are able to recover on their own.In some cases, if the disease is mild, it happens.But if the disease progresses rapidly and occurs in severe form, the animal may die.The earlier you start adequate treatment, the faster the recovery will come.To prevent the appearance of denying much easier than to treat it.Therefore, you should closely monitor your pet and avoid questionable contacts with other animals, especially stray.