How to teach your cat to the toilet: useful tips

In most cases cats and cats due to congenital cleanliness quickly and easily learn to walk in the tray.However, it happens that the animal in any does not want to do that, and completely ignores the owner put the pot, preferring to defecate elsewhere.The reasons for this may be several.

Perhaps the animal are not satisfied with the place chosen by the owner for its pot.Try to place several trays in different rooms - most likely the animal will choose one of them.As soon as he entrenched habit of going to the toilet in the same place, other trays can be removed.This should be done gradually, one of several days, so as not to cause stress in pet - in this case, can start all over again.The place where there is a toilet for cats must be sufficiently secluded and at the same time is constantly available.Once your pet to defecate in the tray, be sure to praise and pet him.

Since accustom the cat to the toilet may not be very easy, sometimes it makes sense to buy a special spray that relies splash tray a

fter the change it a filler.Its use contributes to the fact that the animal gradually becomes accustomed to his pot because the smell emanating from his agent.If your pet continues to ignore the trays and defecate in other places worth trying more effective measures.Many punish animal, slapping and poking his nose in excrement.Sometimes it can bring an effect, but often, and vice versa: a cat and begins embittered shit on purpose - for example, in shoes.Therefore, the correct answer to the question of how to train your cat to the toilet, is as follows: we must try to do it gently and calmly, without stress to the animal.

If the cat categorically ignores the pot will have some time for her to watch.As soon as you notice that it is going to relieve themselves, you need to take it and take in the tray, showing its persistence - but do so without swearing and shouting that the animal does not have any negative associations with the pot.If the cat still managed to stain the floor, you need to thoroughly wash the place, and then sprinkle it with lemon juice or drip a little menthol oil (you can lightly lubricate the balm "asterisk").It will be useful as well, along with sprays that splash into the pot, buy and other specially designed to wean the animals defecate in the wrong places ("Antigadin") - with him to accustom the cat to the pan will be much easier.In addition, it is necessary to make sure that those places in the apartment, where the animal is accustomed to foul, became for him inaccessible or uncomfortable.Secluded corners can simply fence, and as for upholstered furniture, then you can try this method: it unnecessary Cover the cloth (for example, old sheets), and the top stick parallel rows double sided adhesive tape.Jumping on a chair or sofa, the animal will experience the discomfort of the sticky surface.Several attempts are usually sufficient to stop doing it.Once the cat gets used to the tray, the sheet can be removed.

Maybe so that a cat or a cat are not satisfied with a pot filler.These animals are genetically inherent desire to go to the toilet in the loose sand, then burying their feces.Shops as fillers, especially with large granules, some of them may not like.In this case, you can try to change the fill or replace it with sand.Thinking about how to teach your cat to the toilet, keep in mind: do not just buy the flavored filler - an animal might not like the smell.On the fillers with different flavors you can go later, when it had already become accustomed to the tray.Also, oddly enough, some cats do not recognize any sand or filler, preferring to go to the potty, just the laid paper.

As you can see, the reasons that the animal refuses to go into the pot, can be different.Therefore it is considering how to train your cat to the toilet, be patient: you may have to experiment and try out a few options.